Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

FRIDAY! We made it to FRIDAY! I was single-momming it almost all week, so I was ready to get to this day. This could be my life for the next few months so when I get to Fridays, I'll be all like "ALLELUIA, I DID IT (again)!"

I also had a growing list for my Friday Favorites, but really try to keep it at five. Starting this week we will be showing a new LipSense color each week and eventually will get to doing some fun giveaways so you all can test this stuff out and love it like moi.

Here we go!

I can absolutely admit to you that I'm becoming a bit of a makeup snob. I still love a lot of Elf products that I can find at Target, but unless upon recommendations from friends or bloggers on less expensive brands, I spend too much money on makeup. Luckily I'm not buying makeup every day so when it's spread out, I'm OK with it!

This NARS blush in Orgasm (PS. NARS, I don't know what was going on with the person who you allowed to name all of your blushes, but they may or may not be a sex addict -- 'Sex Appeal', 'Deep Throat'... really?) has been recommended by so many different people! I was good with my Maybelline Cream Blush (also recommended by a blogger) until I ran out and was at Sephora with my Christmas gift cards.

I decided to splurge and try this and I'm SO glad I did! It's SO pretty! And I truly think it will look good on everyone. It's a pretty shade of pink but it doesn't look like you covered your face in pink. It blends really well and has a little shimmer to it. I'm 100 percent converted to this!

Now... it IS $30. BUT I was told it lasts for a REALLY long time so in the end, I think it's worth it!

Clearly I have an obsession with showing you multiple booties. And I apologize. Kind of. I just can't NOT show you a cute bootie (when we are still in bootie season) and especially one that is a really good price!

These are the Shrines Bootie by Steve Madden. And they are $54! I love a good suede bootie and I saw this one on one of the bloggers I follow.

I usually am not rolling flips for her outfit choices, but I was for these booties (this outfit is not bad today)! :)


Was scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day and saw a picture of an adorable velvet ballet flat with a ribbon tie... and the picture was on this rug!

I didn't even go searching for the shoe (I can't do ribbon tied at my ankles, not a good look for my cankles!) but went searching for the adorable rug. And FOUND IT! On Amazon nonetheless!

They have five different patterns, but I love the black and white! It comes in a runner-style like this or larger or rounder. Whatever you'd like! This version is only $48 and it's indoor/outdoor so perfect for right by the front door!

Maybe it's just me. But I always want to be able to pull off the "cool casual hipster" look. It's NEVER going to happen because I'm the farthest from hipster. But man, if I could pull that look off, I would be thrilled!

Another fashion blogger I follow on Instagram posted this adorable sweatshirt as well as a picture of her in it, and I know if I had this sweatshirt, I might be able to achieve that unachievable look!

This funnel neck sweatshirt is a Madewell item (love me some Madewell) but is sold at Nordstrom (because Nordstrom has it all)! It comes in this pretty color and also in a gray.

I have blogged before about how much I love book club! And if you remember, I mentioned that I may or may not read the books. Not because I don't want. I just choose to watch bad TV in my extra time. 

I am a bad person. 

It's OK, I've come to terms with it!

Anyway, when I should have been reading a book for book club, I was watching Bravo TV. And then Andy Cohen, the superman of Bravo TV, wrote his second book, Superficial. And then I started reading again!

I got his first book for Christmas two years ago and would be laying in bed, laughing out loud at it! He is hysterical! And he is best friends with Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelly Ripa. I mean, COME ON! Living the life! 

So when this came out, I had to have it. And now I have it. And I'm loving it! And still not reading book club books. DANG IT! 

It's basically a diary of his year and full of celebrity name dropping, hanging out with John Mayer and his gay love life.

People, it's just fun. If you need some fun in your life, get this book! :) 


I'm loving this color! It's got a little punch to it but is still neutral enough to be an every day color! I will have this in stock and to test if anyone wants to try it out! You know how to find me! ;) 

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!


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