Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Clothes Lately

I seemed to be in and out of many stores this last week.

First I was hunting for Easter clothing for the children. I actually took all three of them into Gap Kids and Old Navy to look for clothes (I decided that Sloane has to be with me to tell me if she will or will not wear something -- it saves a lot of headaches for the most part later on).

Then I had to take myself somewhere to find something to wear for Easter (my traveling closet wasn't prepared for dressier occasions). I decided to make an attempt at T.J. Maxx, where I have AWFUL luck and somehow, I came out with a dress AND a pair of shoes! It was a Christmas (err...Easter) miracle! :)

We were in Wichita for 36 hours so I of course had to make a stop at JCrew Factory. And all three of these things went in the "shopping cart". Everything in the store was 50 percent off (why does this always get me?!). This white t-shirt will be worn repeatedly. This skirt will as well. And I have these sandals in black from Old Navy and love them, so I picked these sandals up in a brown leather. They have gold, silver, black and a stone color as well. Loved them all (and they were $20)!

Also, do you see the cute striped piece of clothing on that is laying across the bench in the first pic? Yep, it's WAY cute. And I tried to make it look cute on me! And I think if I had a cardigan or jean jacket on with it, it could totally work. But the darn chesty part of me just made it look not right.

So... super skinny girls with a smaller chest than moi, this skirt is for you!

This one, too!

I also ended up at Target twice in about 15 minutes to get bananas, medicine, apples as well as a First Communion dress for Sloane (who won't go through this process for another year). Another win for me as this $28 Victoria Beckham dress will be WAY cuter than anything else we would have found in a years time!

And then this week, Tess and I had to pit stop at Sephora - otherwise known as my playground - and decided to do a quick walk-through at Gap. I took a few things back to try on (which I don't like to do)... and LOVED this top.

It's really lightweight and the sleeves have elastic on the cuffs so I could pull them up -- it was similar to a bell sleeve but with the elastic! They only had a small in stock in the store, but I think an extra small would have fit me better (or I would have walked out with this on!).

I also tried on these boyfriend jeans. The color was what drew me in, but there wasn't much to them. I needed a hole in the knee or something and I would have definitely bought them! Ironically, they had a pair that was the exact color with TONS of holes -- but the holes started above the pockets ... where no 'holes in clothes' should start. Not happening!

So... just a little clothes shopping for you this week!

Happy Hump Day, all!


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Essential Oils Loser

Friends, I am an Essential Oils virgin.

I know, basically, zilch when it comes to the world of oils.

People RAVE about them! So I would love to jump on the bandwagon. I have had friends send me samples of oils to try when we first moved to Arkansas and Reece was coughing constantly. They said oils might help!

I tried. They didn't.

But this did not deter me.

At the beginning of the year, I was not sleeping well. And not because of Tess. I just couldn't sleep through the night! I didn't know what to do besides take one of Matt's ambien from his trip to China last year. And though I'm certain that would have given me some much-deserved sleep, it's hard to take one of those when you have three little humans to raise.

Bring in the oils.

My friend Megan sent me a very long list of all the things that oils can do for you. And what she uses them for.

And here I am. Still oil-less. But bumming some off from people.

My neighbor Kaye Brough over a roller named Flu Bomb after kids at school started dropping like flies!

My other neighbor Erin gave me the last of one of her Lavender bottles to try with Tess when she was up for hours at night. She even let me borrow her diffuser to see if that would help.

We are on week two of using the lavender on the bottoms of Tess's feet (and Sloane's last night when she couldn't fall asleep). And though Tess is sort of random on night that she sleeps well, I am feeling like the oils might be beneficial for the Clark's.

But MAN... is it overwhelming!

I am going to buy from Young Living and had thought about buying the essentials starter pack, which comes with small bottles of eight different oils. But then I'm dropping over $120 on oils that I'm still a little skeptical on.

So, here's what I need to know from you all.

Do you use oils and what do you use? What do you suggest?

Sleep is what I want from these oils first and foremost. Secondly, something for baby teething. Third, an oil for stress/anxiety.

From there, I dunno.

I will take any and all feedback!



Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Favorites

Friends, I didn't get to actually typing out my Friday Favorites... so I did a Facebook live video about them instead as well as a few other things!

Here's a link to watch Friday Favorites! :)

And click here for the link to the glasses I have been asked about! Lots of great options and some are pretty inexpensive!

Everyone have a great weekend and I will talk to you next week! HAPPY EASTER!


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