Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Final Farewell

Well, the beginning to the end (of our run in Arkansas) has commenced.

On Friday, we signed over our house to the new owners.

I was running back and forth between our apartment and the house since last Monday and it's been crazy! And sad. And confusing.

Poor Reece just bawled walking through the house after they had packed it all up and loaded it. Room to room he went and his sobs just got louder. Trying to explain to him that he would see his bikes and bed again were not helping.

I can tell you all this. I never thought in a million years that I would live in Arkansas.

Arkansas is the state I made fun of (because doesn't everyone make fun of the state of Arkansas, even if you haven't been there?), but never thought I would inhabit it! But somehow, we got here. And though there are a few things I won't miss (land of Wal-Mart, not being able to turn left -ever-, and living amongst SEC folks), there are plenty of things that I will miss (neighborhood, people, Slim Chickens to name a few).

Before we moved in! 
I can tell you that I never thought I would get to experience living in the same town as my childhood/adult best friend because who gets to do that? That's not real life.

But I did! Once a week, I got to spend an evening with my best friend and her brood, eating dinner and chatting and laughing and yelling at kids and cleaning up and ... just got to be. I will never, ever, ever forget being able to come and meet baby Anna in the hospital. Or Max always asking where Matt was when we'd show up to his house without him. Or Josh telling me to be a soccer coach (HA!). Or Jenna showing up with a large McDonald's coke.

Baby Anna, a baby no more! 
The chances of us living in the same town again are slim. But God, am I blessed to have had these two years.

I can tell you that I did not expect to have three children all born in states other than Kansas! But alas, sweet Tess made her debut into our family in Arkansas. I have zero Kansas-born babies. The plus side to this is that they will never have to be called a Jayhawker (because that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard).

I can tell you that you can never be certain on where life will lead you. Or how you will meet the people you meet. Or the footprints that they will leave on your path.

Thought we still have two months left in Arkansas (or one month and 23 days -- and yes I am counting down the days until we leave this apartment!), I'm starting my goodbyes now.

Thank you 202 NW Highland Road for being our Arkansas home. You were large, your floors killed me (and I picked them out), the weather got us a few times, but you stood tall. Thanks for being our "big house" as the kids called it -- our Minnesota house was our "little house" -- and thank you for keeping us safe for two years! You will be greatly missed!



  1. They are getting a slim chickens in Wichita so when you visit you can eat there.

  2. We hit the lottery when you moved here. I'll deliver slim chicken's to Chicago! (Which is how you know I love you: I don't even like slim chicken's!)


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