Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Few Reviews

Hello friends!

I've got a few reviews for you of items I have talked about purchasing (some a little incessantly) and finally did. Good news is that I have positive reviews of these three items and am sorry to say you will want to buy all three. :)

Here we go...

I literally agonized over this decision for atleast six months before finally biting the bullet. I went back and forth between this pair, and then some from Zappos, then a pair from Nordstrom. I had tried these on in a store once and didn't feel they were very comfy. And if I'm going to spend $80 on a shoe that is going to be seeing a lot of pavement, I felt like comfort was important.

When Matt and I went to Chicago and he told me we wouldn't be doing much walking (and I believed him), I cursed myself repeatedly for not having a good pair of CUTE walking shoes to walk around the city (because we did A LOT of walking... I did mine in wedge over-the-knee boots). So when Lauren and I decided to go to NYC, I knew I needed to make a decision between these or these.

In the end, price won. I ordered them and had them a few days before our trip to New York. 

I did a day or two of walking around in them and immediately regretted my purchasing decision. The back heel went up rather high and was KILLING my ankles. There weren't enough bandaids to help my pain! 

Luckily, the early pain was worth it because I wore them in by day three and was VERY happy with my choice! They are really cute with everything and are now comfy to me! So if you're looking for this type of sneaker, I recommend. Just get past day three! 

I am not a manicure gal. I can paint my own nails fairly well so I save $30 and just do it myself. But when we were in Manhattan for the kids spring break, I decided to take Sloane to go get her nails painted. And I got mine done, too.

And I'm now afraid that I've become a manicure convert! DANGIT! 

I had them shellacked, which I had never had done before and of course was screwing up the process as I went along. But we are now two weeks from when I had them done and they still look like I just got them done! 

I don't love the nail growth that you can see and how long my nails are getting (I assume I can cut them and that won't affect anything?) but I will definitely be doing this again, especially if I can get to three weeks with zero scuffs!

Last week on my Friday Favorites, I talked about how I loved the Snow ShadowSense sold by Senegence (how also sells LipSense... all of which I sell)! Today, I showed a video on my The Lips Shop Facebook page, showing how to wear the Snow under your eyes to cover dark circles and brighten up your eyes (and face). 

These pics are the after pics. I'm wearing concealer, primer, Snow ShadowSense under my eyes, Tinted Moisturizer (by SeneGence), my favorite Nars blush, Honey Rose LipSense and LashSense with UnderSense by SeneGence (which is a lash strengthener AND lengthener that I'm testing out). Happy with the results! If you need brighter (under) eyes, lemme know! 

And that's that for today. Happy Hump Day all!


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