Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Favorites

Man, oh man... I did contemplate not doing a Friday Favorites because... well. Because of life.

But I'm in this! I'm here! And we are doing this!

Despite the very chilly temperatures happening today in Arkansas, I still felt the need to share these adorable Sole Society sandals.

They come in this blue suede, camel suede and crackled gold. I would normally gravitate towards the gold because that would go with everything. But I'm LOVING this blue... as well as the camel. Not sure which way to go on this one, but I believe that there is not a wrong way.

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned my extreme despise of swimsuits and swimsuit season. The only time swimsuit shopping was fun for me was from the ages of 0-13. After that, bleh.

And now, I'm at the age that I have to be more careful on the type of swimsuit I wear. Can't be too young, but I'm not old, so it can't be too old. It's a fine line.

So this one from Boden came across in an email this last week and I actually clicked on it and looked at the color options. There are few with prints and a few with solid colors. I feel like this one could be good for me... or hit me in a funny spot where it would look bad on me.

Only way to find that out...

Facebook is kind of killing me because all of a sudden, these really cute, inexpensive online boutiques are popping up with way cute clothes and forcing me to click and check it out (hmm... disregard... please shop online boutiques)!

This one popped up on Sunday and I have looked at it at least 10 times since then. I'm loving the pop of color and am on the hunt for a nice Easter dress... that will probably end up being my Easter dress for the next five years).


I find myself throwing on t-shirts and shorts/jeans when the weather starts warming up and to avoid throwing on a Dri-fit or another K-State shirt, I love these t-shirts from JCrew Factory! They are very comfortable as well as a good fit -- not too tight, not too lightweight. Just easy to wear.

They have tons of classic colors as well as some fun colors. This tee specifically is from their Collector Tee collection - I bought one last year that had some flamingoes on it - Sloane's favorite! ;)

If you didn't see my Instagram video about my extreme obsession with sunglasses, I have to tell you... I have a new extreme obsession with sunglasses.

I saw these on a blogger I love to follow on Instagram. She had these on in a picture I saw last week, I found they were from JCrew Factory (of course) and then I just happened to be in Wichita where they have a JCrew Mercantile (same thing as Factory). I ran in (not really), perused the store, couldn't find the glasses, was about to give up, when I looked up and low and behold, one last pair was up on a display. Ahhhhleluia! :)

I made the poor store boy climb the ladder to grab them for me (as well as the polka dot shirt above), I tried them, I loved them, I left with them.

They are still only $20 -- if you need some cute sunglasses, get these!

So instead of a lip color this week, I'm going with a ShadowSense. Because not only does SeneGence sell LipSense, they sell makeup and skincare.

I'm slowly diving into the makeup and this is one of them. BUT ... I don't use it on my eyelids. I use it to brighten up under my eyes, after I've put on my primer, but before I put on my tinted moisturizer.

Today was the first day I have put it on and felt like I had put the right amount on and that it looked good!

I'll get a live Facebook video of this sometime soon for you all!

But if you need some help under your eyes due to dark circles... this might be the trick!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend! Sloane and Reece begin their soccer careers on Saturday. I'd love to tell you I can't wait, but that would be a bit of a lie. I can't wait to watch THEM, but soccer in general has never been my thing.

So... we shall see!


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