Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Favorites

I'll just leave this little diddy right here for you... Happy Friday!

I came across this contraption on Instagram one day and immediately sent it to all of my family members because all of us need one! They call it the OnTray Snap On Shopping Cart Snack, Toy, Coupon Holder. I don't care what you want to call it, I want it for my Tess for snacks so she can sit in the cart and be joyful!

As every one year old shopping with their mother should be! ;)

Ladies, The Loft is having a 40% off everything in stock this week. I posted a picture of a new pair of sunglasses I picked up (this picture doesn't do them justice). But I tried on quite a few pairs and loved them all! In the end, the classic style won me over. As usual (I think I have about 10 pairs of glasses with this print).

I loved these as well!

I thought these would be great summer sunglasses - for days by the pool ... I hope I find a good pool again (insert many, many tears for the leaving of our neighborhood pool/gossip session)!

Lots of fun options and at a really good deal right now!

I have raved about these sandals in a Friday Favorite before and that was when it was warm out. Well... it's beginning to warm up again and I've already been slipping back in to my Birkenstock Madrid Sandals and still love, love, love them!

So I hopped on Amazon to see if they had any new colors for this year and holy cow, do they ever.

I'm not much of a neon shoe color gal, but if you are, there are five neon colors plus white, navy, black (which is what I own), red and now olive!

I love olive.

And so now I will have to purchase the olive. For $30.

Birkenstock's for $30.

Get them and thank me later! ;)

 I've been on the hunt for new luggage for my kids. We are travelers and when they were little, I got Sloane and Reece each a SkipHop roller suitcase. Sloane's was a monkey (because she loved Curious George) and Reece's was a dog.

My Sloane has definitely outgrown her monkey bag (as well as her infatuation for George - so sad) and Reece has as well, but will NEVER admit it nor let me probably ever buy him a new piece of luggage because he wants his "doggy bag" packed. :)

So I want to find bigger luggage for them, but not HUGE luggage - we don't need it to be bigger than mama's - ya hear me?! :)

I was traveling past the luggage section at Target and spotted this cute bag for $40! It's from the designlovefest collection, which had a couple of different things I thought were cute. But this bag specifically would suit her well -- shoes can go on the bottom, upper portion can have clothes. And with these handy packing cubes, I can separate her clothes and all is well!

I ran in to Old Navy the other day, specifically to go and look for leggings for Sloane. And other kid items.

I left with kid items. As well as a few things for myself (ugh).

I came away with this Relaxed Off-the-Shoulder top and a pair of black Rockstar Skinny Jeans.

I don't really love Old Navy jeans. Because I'm super picky on the color, the style and the look. And they just don't do it for me.

But I have owned a pair of these black Rockstar Skinny Jeans before and I LOVE them! They are super comfortable, stretchy and are mid-rise so you can't see my underwear every time I bend down, which once-upon-a-time used to be cool.

Gross, now that I think about it.

Anyway, I'm excited to pair the above top with my new black Rockstar Skinny Jeans and some cute sandals when the weather warms up for it (70 degrees today, 41 on Saturday - welcome to the land of weather changing every 10 minutes)!

Girls, I got this color in and only had ordered two. For some absurd reason. And I'm so mad at myself because I kept one for myself (my bad) and so I only had one to sell! And this color is legit! It's so pretty and not at all what I thought it would look like. It's definitely been my every-day color since I got it.

And until my next new favorite comes in.... :)

I'll stock up on more next time so I can spread the love!

And one last thing in regards to LipSense.

Last week, I shared a photo of Melissa and her new super simple makeup routine with SeneGence products (who owns LipSense).

It's just four things she uses to be ready for her day and after she posted this photo, I #facepalmed and went and bought it all! :)

I had a few people message me and were interested in what she used and the cost and I wanted to pass it on in case you were wondering the same thing.

👉🏻 Snow Shadowsense (currently out of stock, but hopefully not for long): $22
          -- she used this under eyes to give her the brighter look and hide her dark circles
👉🏻 Silk Pore Minimizer & Wrinkle Reducer (in stock): $60
👉🏻 Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer (comes in light and medium and medium is in stock): $45
👉🏻 Natural Concealer (this also comes in green -- to hide redness -- and white): $25

Then she applied mascara and pretty Aussie Rose LipSense! That's it. Like... my jealousy for how easy this was and how she looks is over the moon! :) 

If you are interested in any of these items, let me know! I've ordered two other sets for people and am just waiting on a few of those out of stock items to come back in stock so I can snag them for myself and others! 

That's it friends! Please have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some down time!


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