Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Favorites


First off, I want to thank everyone who commented either on the blog post or on Facebook/Instagram about my Reece. I was definitely not looking for the props that I got (obviously, I'll take them!), but I appreciate the kind words.

A few of you even mentioned that you know others who might also have some sensory issues, but didn't know it. Seriously, I had NEVER heard of it until I googled about haircuts. And MAN, am I glad we have the Internet or Lord knows how I would have been able to come up with that medical diagnosis on my own. :)

But in all honesty, thank you for the feedback. It's definitely a journey and like I told many of you, it's not one that we thought we'd ever be taking. But so many times, usually when I'm in a puddle of tears, I remind myself that things could be SO much worse. But it's just one of those things that sometimes, you just need to have a pity party to feel better, then move on!

Anyway, it's another busy weekend for us. Back to Manhattan (yes, we were just there and yes, I'm going back NEXT weekend!) to celebrate my sister's birthday and Sloane's 6th Annual Tailgate Bash minus the tailgate (11 AM kickoff).

Here are some Friday Favorites for you!

I follow Cassie from Hi Sugarplum on Instagram and she had on a really cute outfit from last weekend that she had worn what looks to be while hiking. I didn't know looking cute and hiking went hand-in-hand, but you learn something new every day!

She had on a pair of boots that I zoomed in on (thanks for that new function Instagram!) and they were a new short pair of Ugg boots. I Amazon'd them (that's a thing now) and holy cow, they are only $75, which is unheard of in the Ugg Boot world!

They are called the Koolaburra and I immediately messaged my mother-in-law and said I wanted these for Christmas (not because she is Santa and boom, they will appear... but she sometimes is very much like Santa and boom, they will be there BUT ALSO she had asked what I wanted and these are it!).

I am certain these will be worn ... probably daily. Is Christmas tomorrow?!! :)

It is a known fact by pretty much everyone that I am a prude. Or... I just am not one to be so forthcoming with my body.

What I mean is I hate changing in front of people. It's a body image thing that I have had my entire life and at 34, it's still there!

So... the fact that I'm talking about underwear (I HATE the word panties) on my Friday Favorites might come as a shock to many, except my friend Gabrianna who introduced me to these!

They are made by Soma and are called the Vanishing Edge Panty. They have several different versions: high leg (like this one), bikini, hipster and boy shorts. They are made of microfiber, but what makes them great is that there is no visible lines and and then silicone strips on the back edges so they don't move and become a thong halfway through the morning!

I was told about these while in Denver at my friend's bachelorette party, then went to my nearest Soma store the next week and walked out with five new pairs of underwear. I seriously need atleast 10 more. They are legit people! Good chance I won't be buying underwear anywhere else ever again!

And right now, everything is 15% off or you can get a pair of undies for $7 with any other purchase.

For real ladies ... try them, thank me later, then I'll thank Gabe for you.

This last weekend was my good friend Abby's wedding in Manhattan and I had been asked to be a bridesmaid. I accepted the proposal. :)

I decided to have my makeup and hair done for two reasons: I cannot do my makeup and hair and I wanted to look pretty for a day. So done and done!

The poor gal that did our makeup didn't know what she was in for when she got me in her chair! Non-stop questions, pictures of everything she was putting on my face, then a text from me days later asking if I could email her with questions!

She really did a great job and seriously learned everything she does on YouTube. All I have learned from YouTube is that I need to pay closer attention to what my children are watching on there! 

One of the things she used was the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles and Concealer - quite a long name for what it does. It takes away dark circles. Which I have had since 2010!
She swiped it under my eyes, then down my nose, then blended in with a brush. And I used the 'fair' color.

I really loved it and it brightened up my face a bit! So I picked some up this week (only $8), used it today and STILL love it! I highly recommend!

And yet another piece of makeup I took a picture of was the Benefit POREfressional Face Primer. The description on the website says it 'diminishes the appearance of pores and fine lines...'. Again, I say, SIGN ME UP! I really feel like it was a good base to start with on my face, followed by my foundation.

This one is a little pricey at $31 at Sephora, but only gets good reviews (from me, too)! 

She had a Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime option as well, which is what I ended up buying to make sure I really liked having it on my face for more than just a 'look pretty wedding day'. This one is only $8.

And I do! I really can feel no difference, which is a big deal to me. I don't want to feel like I have a ton of makeup on!

I know I had mentioned it briefly before, but as this all is getting closer, I'm getting really excited about this new opportunity!

The City Moms Blog Network is probably something you haven't heard of, but I'm almost certain many of you have come across some of the articles posted from across the country and have shared them on social media or with a friend. I've received a few and am always like, "Yep, that is SPOT on with my life right now!"

So when it was announced that northwest Arkansas was going to start a group, I applied to be a contributing writer and was selected to be a part of the team! There are about 14-15 of us on the team and the team will grow and change as time goes on. But I'm excited to get started! We have our first team meeting next week, then a big launch event on November 17!

I'll keep you all posted as things happen and my posts go up!

Alright, that's all for today -- everyone have a fantastic weekend! GO CATS and see you next week!



  1. First off, I love reading your blog! I also would love to have Cassie's whole closet (being built like her wouldn't be bad either). Heather and I taught ourselves about makeup through YouTube, as well. If you're interested, one of our favorite girls to watch is Emilynoel83. She definitely doesn't seem as "uppity" as some of the other girls on there. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank tou Cameron!!!! And I will definitely find Emily on YouTube - we have another 5 hour car ride today so surely she can teach me a thing or two!!!! Hope you are well!!!

  2. I am a youtube makeup fanatic! I started watching them in 2013 and it was seriously a life changer lol. I use an orange concealer (to counteract the blue) under my concealer to hide my dark eye circles. It's from NYX and is only like $6. It is thin, too, so no caking up. They also have a spray primer that I really like!

    1. Girl, your makeup always looks good. I need to do more youtubeing!!!!!!! Thanks for the tips!!!!!

  3. I thought I was the only one that Hates that "panties" word! Uuugghhh.

    1. You most definitely are not!!!!!! I have a list of words I hate - this is at the top!

  4. Next time you buy underwear at Soma, get a pair of the Embraceable Lace. I like the vanishing edge, especially for working out, but the embraceable lace is more comfortable in my opinion. Also, Soma's pajamas are amazing. And now I need to buy makeup!


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