Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Favorites

Ohhhh friends.... has it been a long, long week!

We caught the stomach bug and it passed to each one of us (except Tess, KNOCK ON WOOD)! And of course, Matt and I had it at the same time and still had to parent, which is the worst! The kids seemed to get over it much quicker, but he and I are both at the tail-end of it -- nothing sounds good to eat and I really haven't wanted a Coke all week (I tried it today and it just didn't taste good) so you KNOW I'm not 100 percent!

So when I wasn't carrying around a baby, I was trying to lay down and take it easy or nap (again, a clear sign I'm not feeling well) so the blog went to the side this week. But I wanted to try and knock out a few Friday Favorites to wrap the week up on a good note!

I've tried to down some water this week. It just tasted off. The only thing I've been able to drink is...

So strange. But it's the only thing that has tasted good. I had Matt get some 7-Up at the store so I'm switching to that tomorrow... but Sprite for the win this week!

I mentioned recently that I basically have no pants that fit (if I didn't mention that, I meant to... I have no pants that fit).

I blame Tess (because I tend to always point blame at my children). She's so darn cute though, it's hard to be mad at her for long.

But this one is tough! It is jean season and my cute JCrew jeans do not fit. I got really small after Reece and could wear these cute, small jeans. But now? I'm not fat per say... but I can't fit in the small jeans anymore.

I also am picky on my jeans and I like to be able to try them on. And there is no JCrew Factory here for me to do that, so I'm just going to complain about it.

ANYWAY... I have like three pairs of pants in my closet that I have to use in replace of jeans at the moment and this one pair of them. That I highly recommend to everyone!

These are Zip Pocket Joggers from Gap and they are SO comfortable! I wore them throughout my pregnancy (which means no one has an excuse to NOT wear them) and will continue to wear them until holes become visible to the outside world!

They have a good selection of similar options in other colors and different styles. They even have a pair in heather grey which very much resemble sweatpants, which I am against in public... UNLESS you pair them with the New Balance or Saucony sneakers ... right?! :)

I love this little one. Who is not really little anymore. Which makes me really, really sad.

Since my stomach bug kept me from blogging much this week, I wanted to at least get up one good Etsy Find of the Week!

Berry Red Pom Pom Headwrap

I cannot for the life of me remember how I came across this shop, but I did and started following on Instagram and she is constantly posting adorable photos of little people headbands! And I want them all!

Seriously. Every single one of them.

She has a really cute collection of headbands in fun prints and then simple ones, like the one above, with an adorable addition of the pom poms!

I messaged her on Etsy not too long ago to ask if she did any shows in Kansas City since that is where she is based because I was hoping I could find her at one (Two Dots likes to do shows in November in KC in case you are wanting to come do some shopping)! She messaged me back and was so sweet.

She has great reviews and has a current deal: buy three headbands for $25. Make sure you follow her on Instagram to see her sales and giveaways: @lucysbowsandarrows

Ladies, we have SO many new arrivals coming to Two Dots - this week I was gut-punched so didn't get everything up that I wanted. BUT... I had to get this sneak peak out.

This adorable overlap sweater, that we have seen some of our favorite bloggers in (A Southern Drawl and Jillian Harris -- yes, sweet Jillian from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette) is in my hands and will be in stock next week! It's SO soft and cozy - you'll be needing this ASAP for the cooling temperatures!

That's all for this week, my friends! I hope to be back in tip-top shape next week... though it's Fall Break which means I have all three kiddos home with me for three days. I might be hiding under my bed by Tuesday at 3:22 pm!



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