Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Easy Fall Food Recipes

Ladies and gentlemen, it might come as a huge shock to you that I am not a good cook!

I don't have any issues with stating it, it's just not my thing.

Writing lots of words and putting them on the Internet I can do. Cook and bake, I can not.

But that doesn't stop me from trying! And during this time of year, my crock pot becomes my very favorite appliance!

I also must give a HUGE shout out to Pinterest. I own many, many cookbooks: Pioneer Woman, The Joy of Cooking and about 12 others that were my Grams' (who was a wonderful cook). But the chances of me opening on of those versus opening Pinterest is almost non-existent. The recipe options on Pinterest are endless and I LOVE it!

So here are a few of my favorites that I seem to go back to. Hope this will help you when you are meal planning for the week (because everyone is doing that now, right?)! :)

Oh you guys ... when I made these the first time, I was nervous, but they were SO good. If my husband gives me the thumbs up, then I note that as a win and save it! These were also SO easy (another important piece for me) -- there is very little you need for them, plus you throw it all in the crock pot. Boom! 

Give them a try and you'll be pleased! 

I have been a faithful servant to Italian food for a very long time. But at some point, I seemed to start leaning towards Mexican food. And if I had Mexican food every night of the week, I'd TOTALLY be OK with it. 

I came across this one and thought it combined two of my favorite food worlds, so why not give it a shot. And I'm so glad I did! They are super yummy -- you can eat about 5-6 in one sitting (I PROBABLY wouldn't advise in making a side if you plan to eat that many though...). They are just jumbo shells filled with a mixture of ground beef, taco seasoning and cream cheese.  How can you go wrong? 

Again, they are very easy to put together, just make sure you don't leave the shells on the stove too long or they get too soft and start to fall apart, which makes it hard to keep the mixture in! 

Now, I totally understand how the word 'quinoa' immediately strikes a chord with some people!

Some would be like "OOOH! Yess! Something healthy - let's do this!" While you'd have someone like my sister that would say, "Ummm, yeah -- what else is on the menu?" 

I'm not heckling her. Because that is me about 98 percent of the time as well, but I love quinoa because it IS good for you, but it really doesn't have much of a taste, which is a win-win! 

I started making this in Minnesota and really loved it! It tastes SO yummy and again, the quinoa is a bonus that you don't even know is really there!

Spaghetti casserole was one of the dishes in the Hills' household that you didn't touch. My Grams was the Queen of Spaghetti Casserole in my brother's mind and there was nothing that anyone could do to top it. 

And believe me, I would never try. My Grams was the Queen of the Kitchen so never would I tell her what I thought she should be doing! 

But... I have a gut feeling that if she were sitting next to her today, and I told her that by adding cream cheese to spaghetti casserole, it really gives it that 'Je Ne Sais Quoi'... I think she might believe me!

People... make this. Seriously, it's so easy, and it's so delicious and it's one of those perfect middle of the week dinners! Butter up a loaf of French bread for a side and a salad and that's it! 

Speaking of easiest crock pot recipe ever .... this is it! This is a go-to in the Clark household because I can get a pork tenderloin at Aldi for $4, I always have bbq sauce, hamburger buns and some form of pop to make this! 

You don't even need a Dr. Pepper - I've used Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero ... whatever you have, it just keeps it moist! 

But you put the pork in the crockpot, pour a 12 oz. drink over it, let it sit for 7-8 hours, drain the liquid, shred the pork, add the bbq sauce. And that. Is. It. 

It is so easy! 

And if you want to look like a friggin' rock star in the kitchen, make these while you're waiting on your pulled pork! They are really yummy! 

Maybe a little more nerve-wracking because you need them to be the perfect softness to be able to smash them, but not mutilate them. They are easy and so good with the pulled pork! 

So there you have it ... these are my favorite Pinterest recipes that I use as go-to's all the time! If you want to follow my Pinterest 'Food I Gotta Try' board, click here. I have tons of recipes for picky eaters that I have yet to try! :)  

Happy Tuesday everyone! Make sure you're following the Tess & Elm facebook page for an October giveaway happening soon!   



  1. We love the slow cooker quinoa chili too! It is so easy. I can't wait to try the Mexican shells.


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