Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Favorites

Ohhh... what a week. Seriously, when I can't find time to get Etsy Finds of the Week up, you know it's been a week.

To give you a glimpse... yesterday, I had about eight things I really needed to get done, which included a blog post, Two Dots website and pictures, chicken and noodles dinner completed, Reece to gymnastics, etc. What happened was one child wanted to make cookies, then use her new iTunes card, one didn't want to nap so I had to carry her around all afternoon, and the other wanted to sit and watch TV all afternoon.

Did I get anything done that I needed to get done? Yes, yes I did.

And that one thing was dinner.

And my husband didn't get home until after 8 pm. Sooooo... yeah. It was that kind of day.

But nothing like some Friday Favorites to brighten everyone's spirits -- as well as a trip sans children to hang with sorority sisters all weekend. Check and check!

And away we go...
Besides the dresses and the earrings, can you tell me what else we all have on that is the same?

Probably not. Because it doesn't look the same, which is why it is amazing.

Please see our lips. And don't think about the fact that we all were applying the lipstick from the same lipstick tube and how gross that probably is, but please see how pretty it is! And how different it looks on all of us!

This beauty is called Vitality Lip Flush 4-in-1 Reviver Lipstick Stain - it's a mouthful, but it was oh-so-pretty on everyone! I highly recommend it to everyone for a really pretty fall lip color! This particular color is called 'Pretty Woman' and can be found at Ulta!
I made a quick jaunt into Gap the other day in search of a corduroy skirt, since the Old Navy in town did not have the one I mentioned to you that I would be buying for this weekend.

Well, Gap didn't have anything either (note to everyone in northwest Arkansas: The Gap at Pinnacle Hills is not the greatest Gap ever)... But I did have a chance to touch every new sweater arrival and ohmygoodness.

I love a good sweater cardigan to throw on and Gap has quite a few options that are SO soft and comfortable!

Here are a few options:

This is the Maxi Shaker Cardigan -- now online it says it's $128, but Gap almost always has a 40% off sale (or Gap Cash or something going on). This is a forever sweater, meaning you won't be throwing it in the giveaway pile for many, many years so it's worth more than $20!

Speaking of soft, this Boucle Shawl Cardigan is SO SOFT! It comes in three different colors (though I'm partial the grey) and is $69 (but like I said... that won't be for long)!

Here's how Two Dots works.

I see a picture of something I like. I snap it on my phone. I send it to Lauren. She says she likes it. Then I go hunting for it to go on our site.

This was one of those pictures I recently sent to her!

But this is probably more for me... I LOVE this. And I LOVE these boots. But I can't rationalize buying a pair of boots that I want to see myself wearing alot, when in reality, would be worn maybe three times if Matt and I can go on that many date nights (I also don't know if my thighs would look so good with these boots, but that's another story)!

I did go on a hunt for this for anyone else that equally loves it. Gap has a navy blue version but only in extra large. I'll keep hunting... but if anyone else sees it for a good price, leave a comment! 

I don't know how I end up following half of the people/stores I follow on Instagram, but some are worthwhile.

Including this random one.

This store is called Smallwood Home and I'm embarrassed to say that I thought they only sold these awesome wood signs that I love.

If I had paid attention, I would have noticed that they also sell those chairs... and kids clothing... and many other things!

Today when I opened up their site, they had new adorable suede boots for little girls (for only $38) that I may or may not be buying for Sloane!

I LOVE their signs though - that's what drew me to them! They have so many and some are pricey, but they go on sale alot. And if you sign up to receive e-mails from them, you get a 10% off coupon. Great Christmas gift ideas here!
I'm not sure if anyone has picked up on this yet, but... I'm a very picky person.

When it comes to my food, when it comes to my clothes, when it comes to my home. A doctor mentioned to us that Reece might have a small case of OCD and asked if anyone in our family had it.

I said I had never been medically diagnosed, but I'm quite certain I am!

So when it comes to picking out a K-State shirt, all of the above applies. Which is why I don't own very many!

I love the vintage look and I love it to be soft. I own ONE that is like that - and I have worn it every K-State gameday since I bought it in Manhattan!

But I happened to check out the Charlie Hustle website (a local Kansas City store that sells vintage-like t-shirts) and checked out their K-State selection.

And I was pleased!

I currently own a heathered gray top with a heart that says KSU in the middle of it, I could add this purple to my sad collection! Who has my name for Christmas, Hills family?!

Everyone have a fantastic weekend! Pictures from my weekend adventure without my family, but with my college pals will be featured next week! :)



  1. That lipstick is the bomb!! I only wish it weren't $22 so I could justify buying a tube for my purse, my car and my office! Also, I'm sorry you were so grossed out by sharing lipstick with us... ;)

    1. I must buy it. Or just hope that I continue to see you every 2 weeks to borrow it!!!! ;)


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