Thursday, October 13, 2016

Etsy Finds of the Week

After a brief hiatus last week, I am back at it and am drooling over some of these finds! Here we go:

Personalized Felt Name Banner
By: Lullaby Mobiles
$12 + 

I love how Etsy 'finds' things for me -- I love to scroll through this section to see if they really know what I like and voila, this little shop popped up!

I'm still in the process of finishing up Tess's room - I have the majority of it complete, but I have a few things I still want to find to hang on the walls, find a lamp, get some baskets, etc.

When I saw this, I KNEW it needed to be in Tess's room! I absolutely love it! For four felt letters, it will be around $48 and I'm OK with that. This is way too cute to pass up and will look adorable by her crib or even draped from the edge of each window! 

Current shipping time will be a bit extensive due to some unforeseen circumstances with her family, but if you're thinking you might want something by Christmas, message the shop and see what they think! All positive reviews with this seller.

And don't you think Baby Hills needs this in his/her room? Which means my brother and sister-in-law need to just find out the sex of the baby, tell all of us as well as tell us the name. I don't think this is too much to ask! :) 

 Swaddle Blanket

Good news! I'm never going to have to go look at my brother and sister-in-law's baby registry because I'm going to just get them everything off of my Etsy post today.

You guys. 

These blankets.

Seriously. They have pom poms on them!

You can make your own for $39 and choose from tons of different colors and these are so similiar to Aden & Anais muslin blankets, which I love, but I dare say, might be cuter! BECAUSE THEY HAVE POM POMS! 

I'm now seriously considering getting one for Tess because I'm obsessed. 

This shop sells headbands, blankets, pacifier clips, bibs... It's the cutest! Please go check it out!

Great reviews! Buy stuff from here ASAP! :) 

Stars Hollow Poster
By: Window Shop Gal

I can admit that I have only watched one episode of Gilmore Girls. I can also admit I know I need to immediately watch more because I know I will love it. I love Sarah from Parenthood (or Lorelai from Gilmore Girls, you choose)! 

So when I came across this, I know there are some diehard Gilmore Girls fans out there and this poster is diehard. I love the vintage feel of it. And I'm pretty sure Stars Hollow is where I want to live. 

You can purchase this poster in various sizes - I love the large version - and the pricing is fantastic for the size and quality you get! 

Great reviews and fast shipping -- great Christmas gift idea for your favorite Gilmore Girls fan! 

Happy Thursday everyone! We've ALMOST made it to Friday! Hang in there!


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