Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend Musings

Goodness... what a fast weekend! We were suppose to be in the Gulf Shores this weekend through Wednesday, but thanks to our luck and unforeseen circumstances, we had to stay put... or atleast not go to the Gulf Shores.

We were seriously sad, but didn't have much of a choice. So... we went to Matt's brother's house at his dad's farm.

The kids were thrilled because we haven't been back in awhile and when they are there, they get to feed the cows, ride horses, play in the barn, build things, be messy, fish... All things that I would love to not do! :)

We took off Friday when Matt got home from work and as you can see above, Reece decided to pack his own bag.

Hair products? Check.

Footie pj's? Check.

10 pairs of socks, two pairs of underwear, eight t-shirts, no pants? Check!

I did not tell him that mom repacked after he left for school that day because there are some things better left unsaid. :)

Before we left, I got a very exciting e-mail from the owner of the Northwest Arkansas City Moms Blog network - they are launching an NWA version of this popular mom blog featured across the country over the next few months. I applied to be a contributing writer -- and made the team!

I'm excited about the opportunity and what fun adventures lie ahead with this! If you've never read an article from a city moms blog, check the site or Facebook page out. Cities across the country have a moms blog and you've probably read one of their posts before and shared it with many friends saying, "Did we write this? This is our life!" I know I have!

The next day, the kids spent the day doing all of the above and I was lucky enough to catch this on video... Reece caught a fish. Reece touched the fish. Reece rubbed his hands all over his jacket.


This girl and I spent the day in the house -- mainly me waiting on her to finish napping! Then we went on a little jaunt up to the pond to watch the fishing escapade.

We had a nice lunch with Matt's grandparents - mashed potatoes and chicken and noodles, oh yummmm! Then Tess and I loaded up and drove the short drive to the nearest Sonic, where my aunt Sally and cousin Abby met up with us!

My aunt Sally and I are very much the same person so I feel like I could tell the woman anything and she'd say "been there, done that!" I love her and Abby and I'm so glad I was able to spend an hour and a half, sitting in the truck in a Sonic drive up spot, just chatting! One of my favorite parts of the weekend!

My other favorite part was watching/listening/pacing as my Wildcats beat Texas Tech Saturday night -- as you can see from above, we ALL wear purple on Saturdays! :)

We headed home early Sunday and spent the day unpacking, eating, vegging, and doing laundry ... our week will be another quick one as we head to Manhattan on Friday for one of my sweet friend's weddings (as well as my Sloane's 6th birthday on Saturday - what???)!

Sloane helped feed Tess dinner Sunday evening as you can see ... Tess sure loves that girl, which is a good thing because if she didn't, I think she would have been SCREAMING that the food wasn't being shoveled in fast enough!

Happy Monday everyone -- we are headed to the Tulsa Zoo with my best friend and her two kiddos. Will report on that adventure tomorrow! :)


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