Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

You know how you envision curling up into bed with your sweet child, reading them books and snuggling with them before they drift off to sleep?

Yeah, that is not me.

It sorta kinda used to be me... but I can confirm with 100 percent confidence that that is not me any longer!

I have said it many times, but being a stay at home mom and being a full-time job mom are one-in-the-same when it comes to what time you want to wrap you day up on the job.

5 pm is that customary time.

And since we had Sloane, almost six years ago, that time is THE time.

It's the time I wait for when 2:30 is staring at me like the day is never going to end!

5 pm is when I seem to be calling it a day. I either have dinner ready or the kids are eating and we are waiting, sometimes patiently, sometimes not so patiently, for dad to get home. So he can walk in the door, take off his work hat, put on his dad hat, and be the fun guy they love so much.

And when he walks in the door, I breathe a sigh of relief because my relief pitcher has arrived. I can take Tess, and get her ready for bed, while he deals with the other two.

We each usually try and get a kid bathed, sometimes he does both (which is wonderful) and then we each read to a kid. I usually like to read to Reece because he is sort of entertaining to read to, then you lay with him for a few minutes, then say goodnight and that is it.

Sloane picks extra long books to read, then you have to put her socks on her, then you have to lay with her for five minutes... when all you want to do is go downstairs, take a shower and watch Real Housewives.

I find it somewhat laughable that Matt has been gone the last few days and in that time frame, Reece has become my least favorite child to read to and put to bed because he now forgets that I have laid with him so he wants me to do it repeatedly.

And if you see above that 5 pm is kind of my benchmark time - or the time that I'm done for the night - you can imagine how him asking me to lay down with him 10 times makes my blood pressure rise significantly.

I bow down to all of you that can muster the energy to put a smile on your face and be patient when your little ones need water 42 times, need to potty four times, and need you to lay with them for just 800 more minutes... because my energy is gone at ... you guessed it - 5 o'clock! ;)

So... on this final night of single parenting (Matt returns tomorrow at 2 pm, PRAISE GOD) and day two of Fall Break, after taking an hour and a half to bathe and read to everyone, I am sitting here at 8:30 without food in my stomach and I'm exhausted.

OHHH. I also am taking all three kids in for flu shots in the early morning.

Because when they mess with me at bedtime, I mess with them in the morning.




PS. I love my kids. But I'm tired. :)

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