Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's Friday! We made it! Pat yourself on the back, sit down, put your feet up and have a drink!

It's only 8:45 in the morning you say? Who cares! Do it anyway! :)

Busy weekend ahead for the Clark's. We are off to Manhattan to celebrate my dear friend Abby's wedding.

Me and a bunch of my sorority sisters. LOTS of laughter to ensue!

It's also my Sloane's sixth birthday... six going on 16, I can't believe it!

I shared this on my blog Facebook page this week, but I had went shoe shopping for this weekend's wedding at Payless.

Sidenote: Friends, I NEVER wear dressy shoes. The dressiest I get is Minnetonka Moccasins. So even though I really would have loved to find a really nice pair for the wedding, it is just so pointless for me. My friend Megan will be wearing a pair of Jimmy Choos that I will be trying on and taking pictures of myself in because there will never be a time that I'm as cool as Carrie Bradshaw, except for that moment that I'm in the Choos. Stay tuned.

Anyway, I found some shoes for the wedding, but also found some adorable flats by Christian Siriano who was a winner on Project Runway (great show)! He has a line of shoes at Payless and I'd seriously recommend taking a peek. There are some really cute options!

Here is the pair of Keltie Flats I found that were comfortable and adorable -- love them with some skinny jeans or skinny dress pants! They also come in black.

I also tried these Gianna Pointed Toe Flat and loved them! And they are currently on clearance for $10. So... I'm just sayin'...

And here's the shoe I ended up going with for the wedding. It'lldo. :)

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but if you gals haven't checked out the latest stuff coming in to Two Dots, I highly recommend you stop reading, click this link and go browse! We have so many cute items coming in for Fall, it's hard for me to not swoop in and take one of each!
It is no secret that one of my very favorite stores to shop at is JCrew Factory.

I love JCrew so very much, but at some point in my later teenage years, they took it upon themselves to jack their prices up exponentially. But then they saved themselves and gave me JCrew Factory!

My sister's birthday is right around the corner and we love to give each other clothes (you'd think that would be the last thing we'd want to give each other since we co-own a clothing store together, but far from it...). So I hopped on the JCrew Factory site and sat there staring at all the things that I wanted. That my sister would like, too. But I seemed to forget the main objective here.

But I knew I needed to tell you about the Anya Suede Ballet Flats. Because they are my favorite!

I own them in this color, saddle, as well as pink/coral color, also in suede. I really want to own the cabernet and graphite. I mean... I'd just take them all!

They are the comfiest flats I've ever owned - they have nice cushion on the bottom and I can wear them all day without feeling like my ankles need to be peeled off the back of them!

They are a pretty shoe and the saddle color is a staple for me all Fall!

Everyone needs a pair! :)
I have a fairly simple style. I buy basic pieces that you can add to with a vest, a sweater, a jacket... just fairly classic pieces.

But I am bored with my closet. I walk in every day and can't find anything to wear.

I realize this is a female problem in general because we all "never have anything to wear" but it's really true in my case! ;)

So I was hoping my beloved JCrew Factory could help me out a bit. I love all of their sweaters, but really love these two. PS. These aren't "knock down your door" standout pieces, but ....

I LOVE the bold blue color of this sweater. My mom got me a puffer vest from JCrew in this exact color and I love it! It's a fantastic pop of color during seasons where there is very little color. And this would look good on everyone!

And then, as you can tell from our Two Dots purchases, we love some stripes. And we love some black and white! How adorable would this sweater be with a great pair of jeans (if I could ever find some) and the Anya Suede Ballet Flats in cabernet.

Who's with me?!
I don't know about you all, but I have a hard time finding a lipstick that stays on all day. And by having a hard time, I mean I don't have any that stay on very long.

I love the colors of my Mac lipsticks, but they last for an hour or so (and I don't carry lipsticks around with me).

I LOVE my Clinique Chubby Sticks (I love the colors) but have the same problem as above. And I have a ton of random lipsticks that I love the colors of, but again, nothing stays.

I found this blog, The Small Things, from Pinterest. This blogger is a hair stylist and if you look at her pics, she might seem familiar because pictures of her hair are many I've pinned! :) She does great beauty posts and she is the reason I use a Maybelline cream blush!

Anywho... she just recently did a post on long-lasting lipsticks and tested three different ones out. The cheapest of the three won the test (L’Oreal Infallible 2-step lip color in Toujour Teaberry) and I'm sure it can be found at Wal Mart, Target or Walgreens if you happen to be perusing the makeup aisles next time you are there.

I'll definitely be giving this a test run!

Everyone have a great weekend! I'm excited for a weekend with my friends, and to celebrate my Sloane turning 6! See you on Monday!


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