Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Murder Mystery Fun

This past weekend, one of our neighbors hosted a Murder Mystery Social. I had never participated in one, but I knew it was most likely going to be pretty entertaining. Especially with the people we'd be participating in this with.

Which was all of our neighbors.

I can tell you that I started off Saturday on a bad foot (not like my foot hurt, but the day just started poorly). We are weeks away from having our packed up and moving to a two-bedroom apartment, we have no house to move to in Chicago, my mind never stops thinking and worrying and wanting to cry because of all the unknown coming at us. Plus it was my sister-in-law's 30th birthday and my brother had planned a fun night out for her, which we had been invited to, but we had chose to stay put to go to the Murder Mystery (because we had been invited first).

So I can tell you that on Saturday morning, I was not looking forward to the Social.

Not because of the people.

But because life was happening and I was not in the mood.

But by 5 pm, I needed a cocktail and the place to get that was at the Murder Mystery Social, on board a faux cruise ship (aka our neighbors house). 

So Matt and I dressed up according to our parts we were to play. I was Dakota Wild, a travel critic who was reviewing the new cruise ship. Matt was A.J. something... and he was guest relations. Who seemed to have a fling with Samantha Simpson, a passenger (also another Allyson in our neighborhood, go figure) on the ship who also, in real life, just happened to be pregnant. Which seemed really funny to me!

We pulled up to our neighbor's house and I see girls walking in with prom dresses on.

Literally, prom dresses.

And I immediately internally panicked because I was wearing a black lace dress from JCrew Factory (big friggin' surprise, I know). I was NOT fancied up! Somehow Matt owns a pair of blue chinos so he dressed totally appropriately for his part.

I found out shortly after that they were just dressing for their part and though it was a formal party, since I was a "critic", my attire was appropriate. Whew!

We had a wonderful dinner to start and then started the real reason we were there -- the Murder Mystery (and drinking).

Our neighbors (Cara and Daniel) went ALL out for this. They had prepared their house to look like a cruise ship (towel monkeys on the beds and in the bathrooms), had a photo area, had printed off very specific instructions for each character. I mean, it was amazing.

So we got started. And I think I laughed about 92 percent of the time.

I brought a notepad (I was a critic, so hello - I had to take notes and THANK GOD I did)! I also had just purchased some Digital Screen glasses (which is sad because that means I'm on the computer and phone WAY too much) but they all came in handy to play my part!

This picture is of me, my notes, my Bud Light and my super sweet (and bald in real life) neighbor Andy. We were either discussing how much he loved his faux wife, Wanda (who was his actual wife in real life) or what seed Iowa State got in the Big 12 Tournament (I'm surrounded by Cyclones in the neighborhood, which is WAY better than being surrounded by Jayhawks - bleh)!

My husband played the part of guest relations quite well. And he looked cute in his blue pants!

By the time it was all said and done, we all had sent my sister-in-law a birthday video, we had drank a lot, Kaye (sitting next to me) had killed someone (who knew!) and I had accused three other people of having done it.

And it was a night of exactly what I needed.

Matt and I have lived in quite a few places. In every place, we gain a child (or two), which makes where you live even more important.

We were so lucky in Minneapolis to have met Jeff and Annie and have them a few houses down from us. They were such wonderful friends and now, have become lifelong friends.

And then somehow, we ended up in Arkansas, in White Oak Trails.

And we have been surrounded by these genuinely kind-hearted people. Who would literally do anything and drop everything to help you in a second.

I get nervous about this next move and what's to come ... and what our neighborhood will be like. Because it's hard to fathom that it can get much better than this!

Thank you to our White Oak Trails posse. Thank you for listening to me talk (all the time), for taking my kids to your house when you already have 10 other kids over, for feeding our dog when we are out of town, for bringing us food when Matt is traveling so much. Thank you for just being good people. We will miss you more than you know.



  1. Editor's note: I believe that was a Bud Light LIME.

    -Tom C.

    1. CORRECTION, READERS. It was a Bud Light mixed with lime juice, courtesy of Tom Collins. :)


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