Thursday, March 9, 2017

Etsy Finds of the Week

Well hello Thursday and Etsy Finds of the Week! It's been awhile! ;)

Gold Crystal Necklace 

I came across this necklace and loved how simple and pretty it was! They show it was an option to wear as a birthstone (April), which I think is a cute twist on the necklaces to wear with your child's initials.

And if you have no kids and your birthday is not in April, nix the first paragraph and just get it to wear just because.

Because there is NOTHING wrong with that!

Lots of pretty jewelry in this shop. Check it out!

Funny Mother's Day Socks
By: Twisted Tee

Hey! Everyone! It's almost Mother's Day (in two months)! And though I might love something more than socks, I'd take this in addition to a gorgeous diamond ring (HAAAA!)

These are so fun -- and also would be a fun Father's Day gift. There is also a WINE O'CLOCK version. :)

Lots of fun things in this shop for kids and adults. Mainly funny adult humor type of stuff. :)

 Leather iPhone Case
By: Barva Leather

This popped up in my Etsy Favorites. And though I didn't favorite it before, I favorited it now. I really like the look of this. I used to also have a similar case like this and really liked it!

You open this up to find your phone, and some slots for cards. This particular case also has a stand that allows you to sit your phone up.

You can your initials put on it for an extra $8.

Though MOTHER'S DAY IS FIRST, Father's Day would be next and this would be a fantastic gift!

Happy Thursday everyone!


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