Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Favorites

Friends... I have no words (obviously, I haven't blogged in almost two weeks). Life is insane for the Clark's and I don't anticipate the insane to leave us anytime soon, so I will blog here and there when I can and then hopefully regain some normalcy and get back to regularly scheduled programming here!

BUT ... I am letting my kids scream and run amok today because dammit, I want to get some Friday Favorites out to you all!


Last year, one of the bloggers I follow mentioned how this Design Skin Faux Natural Sunless spray tan was the best she had ever used! She said the smell wasn't bad, the color looked natural and it was pretty easy to spray on yourself.

And so I immediately bought it off of Amazon because once March hits in Arkansas, you want to wear shorts. But you have 'March Legs'. Meaning your legs haven't seen the sun in six months so they are scary white!

I used this quite a few times and it gave great color instantly! You do have to be careful that you don't spray too much in one place or have to perfect your aim, but for what I needed it for, it totally worked!

Ladies, I have found your splurge-worthy top!

This Mina Blouse from Anthropologie screams spring to me in these gorgeous colors. I'm sitting here trying to think of who this wouldn't look good on and I can't come up with anyone. So we should all go buy it pronto!

I love the tie in the front, the plaid, the colors. I just love it!

I was lucky enough to find a JCrew Mercantile (same as Factory, but cooler name) store and dropped in.

That's where you saw this picture from:

When I walk in, I usually do a walk-thru to get a first glance at what they have. Then I start back at the front of the store and start picking things up to try. Their customer service is outstanding because they are there immediately after I start picking things up to hold a fitting room for me (😉).

I did alot of picking up and putting back this time, reminding myself I am going to New York City in a few weeks and will want to shop there so I don't need to spend my loot in Wichita, Kansas.

But then I saw this bag. It is gorgeous, friends! It's normally $98 but nothing there is ever NOT on sale so it was 40% off. I did NOT bite the bullet though (please see second paragraph). Yet not buying it is still haunting me! The leather was soft, the bag sits firmly as you see it, and it was a really great size! The only downside was that it didn't have a strap that you could attach... and sometimes we all just need to throw our purses over our shoulders and go.

BUT ... great (and inexpensive) bag if you're hunting!

Somehow, the month of February ZOOMED by and we have landed in March. The month of St. Patrick's Day and FULL of luck, right?! 

That's what I'm going with.

So in honor of St. Patrick, I found these 'Lucky' shirts (available in green and grey) at Brickyard Buffalo for only $12.99. So cute and lightweight/comfy and really cute with a pair of jeans and booties or cute tennis shoes. 

So we all know I sell LipSense (everyone is begrudgingly nodding their heads, I can feel it). Apparently the company that sells LipSense sells more than just lipsticks.

No joke, I really just found this out recently.

And honestly, I didn't care too much. Until I saw the above picture.

This is a picture of my cousin, Melissa, who I started selling LipSense under. This is a before and after picture. Before, she has nothing on her face (which really isn't fair to start off the day looking cute anyway). The after is with four products, all by SeneGence, the company that owns LipSense.

As soon as I saw this picture, I groaned. Because it meant I was going to have to get all of this that she used! Then I sent it to Jenna because I knew she'd need it to. And now I'm showing you all. Because I think you all will want it as well.

It's her super-quick face and it involves four products: Silk Pore Minimizer and Wrinkle Reducer (as a primer), Snow Shadowsense (which is the eye shadow we sell) under her eyes to eliminate the dark circles and brighten up her face (which it totally does), Tinted Moisturizer (in light - it comes in medium as well) and the Natural Concealer (there are a few options of concealers).

That's it. She swipes on some mascara, adds our awesome Bouganvillea Gloss (that alot of you have asked about and signed up to purchase) and she's done. And looks like this. No bronzer, no blush. I mean... I'm sold. Just because of this picture and how it's quick and simple. And anti-aging and wrinkle-reducing (sign me up).

So anything I have posted before in regards to makeup, toss it out the door. I'm getting this stuff and will let you all know so you can get it too. Seriously. Spreading the love, friends!

I literally have a growing list of people wanting to order this gloss. I only ordered four the first time around and had no idea it would go so quickly. Until I tried it on and raved and wore it until my mother-in-law left with the only one I had left to try!

If you are not a lipstick person, you need this gloss. It will not last 4-18 hours like the lipcolor will. But it will last. And keep your lips hydrated as well as give them a really pretty color. I did three layers of this gloss and it was gorgeous! See below.

This picture is with only the Bougainvillea Gloss on! UGH. I need more in my life!

Glosses are $20 so if you wanted to be added to my growing list, just comment or e-mail me ( and I'll get you added. I might end up buying all of the stock to be safe (😂).

But for real.

And there you have it! My Friday Favorites for the first time in a few weeks. Whew! :)

Everyone have a great weekend and we'll see you back here next week (fingers crossed)!


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