Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Favorites


What a week!

A week in which I had so much going on in my head that I couldn't sit down to put it down on paper (err... blog post).

I'm going to wait until next week to make the big announcement that will involve all of my readers. But until then... as we Kappa's love to say... GET EXCITED!

Here are some Friday Favorites for you!

If you remember, I was on the Etsy hunt for a necklace to wear that would represent my three kids. I had one with Sloane and Reece, but the chain broke and I never got one to replace it. Then came Tess. And I still have nothing!

Partially because I MIGHT be the pickiest human on earth.

I saw these on Jillian Harris's Facebook page the other day and thought, "Hmm.... a simple heart might just do!" This necklace was designed by Jillian and designer Melanie Auld when Jillian had her little baby boy, Leo, last year.

I love how very simple it is! It will go with everything and is great when you dress up and great when you've just got a tee and jeans on!

This is actual legit nice jewelry, so the price tag isn't $30. But I browsed the site and really liked a lot of the jewelry on here! I'm not a big jewelry person so I guess if I'm going to own a few small things, it's OK to spend the money on it!

But to all you dad's out there, what a great Mother's Day gift idea - HINT HINT! If you need help, just message me on Facebook or e-mail me! :) There is also a very handy 'Drop a Hint' button for all of those that want to share this necklace or any of the jewelry with someone who needs to buy it for you!

I've browsed the Boden site many times and always come back to this dress and finally decided I just needed to show you.

The price tag is hefty at $120, but it's 25 percent off and is a staple dress. A staple dress is something that you will never take out of your closet. It is timeless!

This is one-piece and is a Ponte dress so it's going to be very flattering for almost all shapes and sizes! It comes in these pretty coral, a mustard yellow (which I also love with a tan) and navy.

So. I've put it out there. I feel better. You look and decide! :)

A little 'Did You Know?' ....

Did you know... that H&M has a Home section??! I randomly had been browsing their website a few years ago and came across this new section and was excited because it was cute stuff and very inexpensive.

Very H&M.

I didn't think much else about it until Lauren and I were in NYC last month and decided to waist a little time before we went back to the hotel and went to bed with our Snickers, Magnolia Cupcake and pops. So we stopped at a very, very large H&M store.

And as we made our way upstairs, they had a Home section! And ohhhh my.

Lauren is hunting for things for Perry's bedroom because she's getting a big girl bed soon and just couldn't get over everything they had and the prices! We didn't leave with much because of the lack of bag space we had, but she got online and found this adorable duvet cover.

For $25.


Comes with the pillowcase, too.

It's SOOO cute and will be adorable on Perry's bed! And because I liked it so much, I got one for Sloane's bed as well. Totally stole the idea, but Sloane will love that she and P have the same bedspread!

So head on over to and sneak a peak!

How many of you walk in to Target and just pass right on by the Dollar Spot, the area that is located right when you walk in filled with everything you have to have for less than $5?

If you do, I give you mad props.

Because I can NEVER walk in or out of that store without browsing the Dollar Spot.

This week, I went in to work on gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week. And walked out with a few items in relation to that... but also two new $3 kid beach towels and a large picnic fold-up blanket.

The Dollar Spot gets me again.

Damn you, Target and your genius thinking!!!!

And while you're at it... just stay out of the shoe aisle! Because you will want to or WILL walk away with atleast five pairs of shoes. 

These Mad Love sandals are super similar to Birkenstocks but $100 cheaper! They come in this metallic rose gold, black and white. I was digging the white ... I think I could pull them off once I get some color on my legs. We don't need white shoes and bright white legs. 

Ladies, this color came out during Seminar a few weeks ago, went on sale at 5 PM and sold out IMMEDIATELY (like every other color that comes back in stock)! I was able to snag a few (and sold out of them all), but I really, really like it!

It reminds me of a classic Clinique color that my mom always wore, with just a hint of more pink to it.

They also just released a color called Goddess, which is slightly lighter than this. I ordered some and will probably receive next week so let me know if you're interested in either! Great staple colors for your lip collections! :)

Everyone have an awesome weekend! I'm crossing fingers it doesn't rain all day, every day! Mama does NOT need to be stuck in the apartment for two days straight!


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