Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Shopping at Zara

When Lauren were in NYC in March, it was one of my goals to get to Zara while we were there.

I had been in Chicago in February and didn't browse too long, but made my way to the kids department and could have been there for about two hours.

If you have never been to Zara or have never heard of it, the best I can explain it is that it reminds me of H&M, but the quality is a little better, the prices are a little bit more, and the sizing is a little more normal.

Does that help anyone?! :)

Well.. Lauren and I lucked out and there was a Zara very close to our hotel! So our first order of business was going to Zara and finding food upon arrival.

We seemed to make it to Zara but not find food for hours!

And don't worry... we found ANOTHER Zara the next day and went there as well (we were curious if maybe they had different options than the previous Zara store).

I left the store with, I believe, two items for myself and 26 for my children.

Side note: I said (before children) I would not be one of those parents that buys more for their children than for myself.

And I find that notion laughable now (and sad)! For every one thing I buy for myself, I buy 30 for my kids. Major face palm.

Anywho... this top right here is one of the items I bought for myself and I loved it because it was light blue and white pinstripe (also comes in white), the neckline hits me in the right place and the sleeve had embroidery on the cuff - love!

After receiving lots of nice compliments on it, I wanted to make sure I posted the link to it as well as send you in the direction of a few other tops I love on Zara right now!

I love a good denim or chambray top, especially for summer! So I was instantly drawn to this one. It goes easily with shorts... or anything! I love this one with the V-neck and the ruffled sleeve.

I have a weird thing for ruffled sleeves right now.

Well. This top would be so perfect for a fun night out! It's like, "Hey, I'm simple and classic!" Then turn around and BOOM! "I'm still simple and classic with an awesome bow!"

How do you say no to a simple little daisy top and comfy black pants? You can't! Love this with denim shorts as well!

I love this top! It looks super comfy -- and paired with a cute navy skirt like above and some sandals, that's a great little outfit!

This top is one of my favorites! I LOVE this color for summer! And I love how this would be great dressed up with some slim black cropped pants or dressed down with some denim shorts!

And I'm ending with my favorite!

My sister and I are both obsessed with this top from Anthropologie...

So when I came across the one above from Zara, I kind of squealed! It's a little different in terms of the tie-front on the Anthro top vs. the tied back on the Zara version. But I love the colors on it! The Zara top will have to be worn with a barrette of some sort or just a bra if you tie them tight enough. But I love, love, love!

So those are my Zara top finds I wanted to show you! Like I said, prices aren't bad at all and the quality is a thumbs up!

Happy Shopping!


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