Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Random Musings

Some random questions and thoughts from me that I really do ponder sometimes.

Since moving into the lovely apartments at Stone Manor, we have gotten cable television back and man... is it glorious!

But do you know what I find myself watching?


Yes, you heard me right. Back to the old days.

And do you know what I watch on MTV?

Teen Mom (because I'm not sure if MTV has any other shows.. other than Teen Mom and Super Sweet Sixteen --- #lifegoals ... NOT).

And with Teen Mom comes a few questions (well... a lot more than a few but a few for you)...

1) Farrah. 

The picture on the left is when she first started on the show. The picture on the right is now.

You guys. Isn't there point in your life when you look at yourself in the mirror and say, "Woah... This is NOT getting better!"

She is straight up crazy anyway. But what she has done to herself might be even crazier than her personality!

2. Ryan. 

This guy - at 19 years old - was pretty good looking. Now at what, 25-26... he is graying. And I want to know... from what?! He sounds like the laziest human being on the planet. What has he done in his life to gray his hair? My friend Brett is 35 and has gray hair. But he is the only mortician in my hometown so he's seen more than one should by 35. He deserves gray hair.

This kid? Nu-uh.

3. Trader Joe's. 
I've been to Trader Joe's many times, but really just for their flower selection. They have great flowers at great prices. 

But everyone else is obsessed with the food and drink selection! So fill me in! What do you like from Trader Joe's and what am I missing out on?!

4. Ironing.

This used to be me.

Then kids and the rest of my life happened.

Now this is me.

I despise it. Because the last thing I want to be doing after my kids go to bed is stay up on my feet ironing my husband's shirts.

And I know he is not the only person in this world who wears dress shirts to work. So what is your trick? Just don't tell me iron-free shirts because those were made to make you THINK you didn't have to iron them.

But you do.

You have to iron EVERYTHING!

5. Mini vans. 

How this sticker hasn't made it on to my car yet is beyond me...

Probably because those that really know me know that I really was never very cool so even this sticker is stretching it! :)

I do drive a minivan. And I do think it is the most practical car for us at this moment in our lives. But you will never be able to tell me that driving a minivan that carries carseats, has sunshades for kiddos and a backseat mirror for mom to check to see what is being destroyed in the backseat is cool.

A smart money decision in your 30s? Yes.

Cool? No.

Now when I get my suburban in 2024, I will ROCK it! :)

Happy Hump Day all!


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