Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!

A fun weekend ahead for us as my brother, sister-in-law and nephew are coming down to visit for the weekend! We've got a jam-packed Saturday and I'm going to drag the entire family to all of it and they are going to love every second! :)

Time for some Faves...

I have professed my love for these tees before. I saw this one the other day and laughed out loud! And for Mother's Day? Yes... I had to post it.

Thanks Vanilla Ice for your poetic lines and thank you Saturday Morning Pancakes for putting in on a tee!
I have been hunting for a good face mask (not the baseball kind) this week. My face just feels... bleh. I really, REALLY want to go get a legit facial from a dermatologist, but until I can do that, I feel like a good mask will do the trick .

One of my favorite bloggers mentioned two that she likes and then I found one that SeneGence (who owns LipSense) sells. After gauging the options, I ended up purchasing the version from SeneGence for $50. 

Here were the other options: 

This version is $62, but I do truly believe that it would really help the areas I need the most help with. It purifies skin, is a deep cleanser, and helps with pores, blemishes and oiliness.

This is the other version she mentioned and MUCH more affordable at $10. It came in a few different versions but I feel like this one was most what I was looking for.

I will give you an update after I use my SeneGence version!

Ladies, these came across my Facebook page the other day and I stopped, took a picture and made a mental note to make sure to post them on Friday Favorites. 

These are fantastic summer shoes! Cute with dresses, cute with shorts, cute with skirts... and the color is bright, happy, summery! 

They are $34 from H&M. Hop to it! 

And while you're on the H&M website, browse the sunglasses. I can vouch for H&M sunglasses as I bought many pairs from there when we lived in Minneapolis,

And though maybe you aren't like me, but I refuse to spend a lot on sunglasses because I will a) lose them b) sit on them/break them c) my children.

Pick out a pair -- they are the summer accessory that you wear the most!

If you all don't have a pair of jean shorts, you need to go find a pair immediately! I own about six pairs of shorts (that don't have a Nike swoosh on them) and the only pair I ever want to wear are my jean shorts from JCrew Factory that I bought last year. Sadly, I can't find the exact pair on their site anymore, but these are close.

They are super comfy and just loose enough that they aren't sticking to my thighs. Key for summer comfort.

And that's it for this week, my friends! I'm not posting a new LipSense Color of the Week because I haven't been able to try a new one yet -- I can't wait to get my hands on some that are coming in this week so... next week! :)

Have an awesome weekend everyone! Matt is doing some house-hunting today so seriously, say a prayer that one of these is it. I feel it in my bones that one of them has to be it!!!


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