Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Favorites

Friends, the fact that I have two eyes open wide enough to type this means that two things. One: I'm an idiot and should be in bed. Two: I love you all too much to not do Friday Favorites even though I'm past the point of super tired!

SOOO... we will see if I can get through five favorites with eyes wide open!

I own a few pair of workout leggings. But only one pair is high-waisted. Which is TRULY the only way to go! I picked up a pair of these at Old Navy last year and literally wear them almost every time I work out. They are super comfy and hold me in where I need to be held in!
I was browsing Nordstrom shoes for a completely different reason when I stumbled upon these.

And I need them.

They are the Stacey Flat by Franco Sarto. They are metallic. They are loafers slash ballet flats. They are stretchy. 

And they need me! 

They come in lots of color options, but of course the metallic jumped out at me. They are $70 on sale at the moment and did I mention I need them? 

While on the topic of shoes... I had posted these on my Tess and Elm Facebook page a few weeks ago and wanted to give them their deserved attention.

These are Crown Vintage from DSW and I love them! Espadrilles are so great for spring, summer and early fall and the scalloped detail is adorable!

These are $50 with good reviews. Next time you're at DSW, try them on!

I love a cute graphic tee and especially a cute tee in dark heather gray! 

And this shirt represents my life at the moment.

Except the back needs to say "Needs. More. Sleep." 

And I literally can't get to five because my eyes are closing. 

Rough Friday Favorites, but I got to four which is more than I thought would happen! :) 

Everyone have an awesome Friday and weekend! See you next week! 


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