Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Review: Soma

To all the male readers of my blog, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading. Truly.

But today, you might just want to pass on by... because I'm reviewing bras.

So scootaloo... We will see you back here tomorrow.

To my lady readers...

I spent an our at Soma Intimates on Saturday afternoon (allll byyy myyyy sellllffff). I went in the store in a bummed mood (we had just found out we didn't get the house we had put an offer in on the night before) and I left the store feeling great!

To preface, I hate bra shopping. Because it has never been easy for me! I'm a little person with a big chest, which in turn makes me feel like a very large person. It always has! And at 34 years old, it still gives me anxiety and I will always be wanting breast reduction.

Plus my workouts in 2017 have not been the best. There is a class I had attended most of the fall, but it seems in 2017, everyone wants to take the class and if you don't get there early enough, it is full! So I am almost ALWAYS two minutes late and have literally been maybe four times all year.

So, in my eyes, I just feel big!

Tack on the extra pops I drank in the month of March (I blame moving) and eating drive thru food, I have just not felt good about myself.

But a good bra can help (as well as week straight of LOTS of water and watching what I'm eating).

And by 'good bra', I don't mean a $24 bra... $24 bras do nothing for me!

The last time I had a good bra fitting was in Minnesota at Nordstrom and after that process, I became a firm believer that I would never go anywhere else to buy a bra.

Until I moved to Northwest Arkansas and couldn't get to Kansas City where the nearest Nordstrom is.

My best friend recommended Soma and if you recall, I had a pair of their underwear in my Friday Favorites last year. So, I said what the heck. I was desperate!

I met with a sales girl and literally spent 45 minutes trying on bras. This girl said that she is NEVER stumped, walks right in, knows measurements, knows which bra will work and thats it. She said I stumped her.

So... there's that.

Girls... I was BEYOND impressed. Impressed with the customer service. Impressed with the variety of bras. Impressed with the prices. Just pleased and impressed.

I walked away with four bras total -- I had to talk myself off the ledge a few times, but Matt reminded me via text that I do wear these every day so if I need to spend the money, I need to spend the money.

And he was right. We have to wear these dang things every single day. For the rest of our lives.

I ended up with the Enticing Lift Unlined Full Coverage Bra. I liked how the material was firm and not stretchy on this one. Stretchy in the cup portion does not help me. They had another version of this bra that could be turned into a racerback that was SUPER comfortable and did its job well. I'll be back for that one!

I also got the Sensuous Lace Unlined Bra. This one was surprisingly comfortable and pretty (I don't own pretty bras - I own old grandma style bras). The gal helping me had this one on and it was doing its job. So I added this to the pile.

And then the one I always really come in for... the minimizer. These are the bras that take me from my actual size and literally make me look two sizes smaller. They are also the super ugly bras. There is nothing pretty about them. They look like bras for 92 year olds. Yet here I am! I walked out of the store with this one on because it made me feel SO much better about myself and it is super comfortable!

Last but not least... as I was about to walk out the store, I noticed they had racks for clearance items, including sports bras.

Here's the situation with me and sports bras. I wear three every time I work out. Because I need to have zero movement from my chest when I'm running. And that only happens with three sports bras on. Ridiculous, I know!

So of course as I'm about to check out, I head right back to the dressing rooms to try on sport bras. And I tried on a few, jogged in place for awhile. Then left with a single sports bra that would allow me to toss the three I always have to wear!

This is the one I got, but can't find it on the clearance section. So... if you are truly in the hunt for a good sports bra that does its job, get this one. It is similar to the one I got, but I liked this one even more (it just wasn't on sale). So at some point, I will go back and get this one and the racerback bra.

So there you have it, friends! If you don't have a Nordstrom (or even if you do) and need to get yourself a good bra, I HIGHLY recommend finding a Soma. I left the store feeling really good and it was a nice feeling!

Happy shopping!


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