Thursday, February 9, 2017

Etsy Finds of the Week

Thursday. We've made it to Thursday. I don't know how, but we are here and my kids are all still alive and everyone has been fed and bathed.

Yes, Matt has been gone.

Which explains my lack of post yesterday! I even was working on one --- and then when I sat down at 5 AM this morning to try and finish it after feeding a sick Tess, I thought "Allyson, this is straight CRAY. Go back to bed for 15 minutes."

So I did.

BUT I'm here today so let's do this!
Modern Bib/All-in-One Scarf
By: Scabib

My sweet nephew Anderson is still too teeny for bibs. And I doubt there is tons of drooling going on there yet.

But you can guarantee when the drool starts, he needs to be wearing this. This exact bib/scarf!

My brother will cringe.

But it will be fine because he's adorable and he will be in buffalo check and he will bring all the ladies to the yard!

I personally love this because you can just keep moving the bib around as one side gets a little more drenched.

It has a velcor-like/hook-n-loop closure and is the size of three bibs!

Can I take like 12 for Tess?!

Donut Party Birthday Shirt
By: Lil Threadz Clothing
$33 +

As a parent, you sometimes do silly (dumb) things. Like buy your growing toddler a pair of Uggs that they will only be able to fit in for five months.

Or give them yogurt while they are wearing nice clothes.

Or buy them birthday shirts that are $30.

I can confirm that I have done at least two of those three things.

AND I'm probably going to do one of them again for my Tess, who turns one on February 24! I LOVE these shirts! I got Reece a heather blue more simple version of this tee for his first birthday and I will say that we got every penny out of that shirt - he wore it ALL the time!

Look at that sweet baby!
So the quality is great, the prices are doable because your kid will wear the shirt every other day!

Beer Caddy
By: Mustache and Kisses

Friends, I must admit... I don't really love Valentine's Day.

I might be demoted from Girldom for admitting that. But Valentine's Day is tough for me.

I LOVE to give gifts, I totally rock Christmas. But I never know what to get Matt because it really is more of a girl holiday (that guys hate) because it's lovey dovey, full of flowers and hearts and all that shtuff.

But thank goodness for my Etsy Finds of the Week because I found an awesome gift that will the giftee will be SO thrilled to get!

Ladies, you are welcome (for finding your guy the gift he will love)!

These babies are made of cedar and have a handy bottle opener attached to the side.

Shipping is just over $12. Get it ordered ASAP! :)

Everyone have a great Thursday and I pray Tess takes a nap so I can work on Friday Favorites! :)


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