Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Favorites

And we're back! Sorry about last week, friends. It was just "one of those weeks". By the time Friday rolled around, I didn't even KNOW it was Friday!

But let's get going...
I follow Kate Byran on Instagram (@k8_smallthings) - she is a hairstylist turned blogger and I like her 'easy look' - her hair is usually down with some beach waves and her makeup is pretty simple and neutral but she just always looks cute!

She did a 'quick face' video on her Instagram last Thursday of her doing a simple makeup routine and she mentioned all the products she used.

And now I want to try the It Cosmetics CC+Cream. I currently use ShadowBox's BB Cream, which I have liked because I don't want a heavy foundation/cream that looks cakey. I want it to feel light on my skin, but I want it to even out my skin tone.
So they show...
I feel like it's definitely light, but not sure about the rest anymore.

This has a little illumination in it, SPF 50 and anti-aging hydrating serum (yes, please - I'm not getting any younger over here, folks!).

This went on her flawlessly - maybe she has perfect skin, I don't know! But you can find it at Ulta or Sephora for $38. I currently pay $32 on Amazon Prime for mine so... potato, potahto. :) And right now there is a free gift with purchase, so check it out!

Since my friend Abby's wedding (I wonder how many times I have referred back to that event since October... I'm guessing ATLEAST 12 times), I've seemed to be a little more aware of my eyebrows.

I've always had to get them waxed because they are dark and thick. My niece Perry and I will be frequent visitors to the salon to get this procedure done for the rest of her lives as her mother has the LIGHTEST eyebrows you have ever seen... while Perry is me.

But I seem to be more aware now that eyebrows really help frame your face. And just by 'helping them out' a little, it does a world of difference!

You guys know how much I love Elf Cosmetics - I use their concealer, bronzer, mascara, eyelash curler, and now - their eyebrow kit. Because it's $3 and hard to pass up.

But yet again, I found another blogger, Champagne in the Rain, on Instagram (@emilybrunotte) and she was showing a new brow gel that she wanted to try and nowwwwww, I'm wanting it. I need to stop following fashion and style bloggers ASAP.

It's the Boy Brow by Glossier and it's $16. Rather than using the gel above, this is more like a mascara that you sweep on your brows. It comes in four different shades including clear if you like the color of you brow but want to shape it and keep it in place.

Gals, it's all about the brows.
Friends, we have entered the month of February. Which means Spring is not too far away! I officially say it's OK to start breaking out some fun colors (I tend to prefer neutrals in my clothing and my nails through the winter months...).

Let's start with some fun on our nails -- this color is gorgeous! It's called Canyon Coral and I love this shade because it's not a red and it's not an orange! The color will look good on ALL of you! So let's break out some color!

Friends, how do we feel about stripes?

Like... I kind of love stripes. And I have the body type that stripes are not great in. I've got the big chest, short torso -- I feel those are just two big no-no's for stripes.

Atleast horizontal stripes.

I saw this on Anthropologie's website and thought.... "Hmmm... vertical stripes... question mark?!!" This looks so slimming despite the dolman sleeve and I'm digging it! It's screaming "BUY ME AND WEAR ALL SPRING!"

Look no further for the most comfortable, laidback, cool vibes weekend shirt in the history of comfortable from Free People!

It's a henley-style shirt layed over a waffleweave long sleeve tee. Those two tops by themselves are classified as "classic" and "comfy wear" and they just put them together!

It comes in five colors and I loved three of the five, but decided this would work for me better.


This week, we are going with Coral Reef! This color came in my first batch of stock and my aunt Lori bought it. And I can't WAIT for her to send pictures of it on. It's so pretty! It's probably a little brighter than maybe your every day neutral go-to, but I think everyone should have some lip colors that make you step out of the box. I can promise you, if you pick the right color, people will notice, will compliment and boom, day is made!

And that's it for this week! I love Friday Favorites!

Have a great weekend everyone, see you next week!



  1. One of my favorite podcasters mentioned the it cosmetics cc cream this week too. I need it!!


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