Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sick Days

Have you seen the Nyquil commercials where the parents walk in to their kid's room and say "I'm really sorry, I'm not feeling well today - I have to take a sick day." And then they walk out.

It is obviously a joke because as all parents know, specifically moms, that you don't get sick days.

Kids get sick days.

Even dads get sick days.

But moms do not get sick days.

Just last week, I texted my husband because I felt really dizzy. And it was strange. I was drinking water, I even sat down for a little bit to see if that would help. Then I'd stand up. And I'd be dizzy again.

I told Matt that I wasn't feeling good, was feeling dizzy.

After texting him, I knew that even though he did care about the state of my health, in the grand scheme of things, unless I was on my death bed, he wasn't coming home. I can sum up his job in one word at this moment and that word is madness. I know my brain is all over the place 24/7, but I know Matt's is the same with his job right now.

So I get it.

Sadly though I think that even if he did come home, he would have his computer out so the point of him coming home is moot.

In the end, I was fine. The kids and I went outside and enjoyed some fresh air and 70-degree weather and it definitely helped.

But MAN... It is something I dream about, pulling the sick card and actually being able to use it. Not pull it out, then slowly put it back in my pocket.

I will not lie, I have recently thought about even trying for a fake sick day... just to lay in bed and watch TV all day long!

But if you refer back, it's not an option.

I'm saying many prayers each night that we, as a family, make it through this time of year and avoid the worst of the sickness. Tess is the only one down in the dumps and it's mostly a cough and some congestion (and the first time she's really not felt well since she was born)!

So... for those of you moms ... and dads out there that feel like crap and the last thing you want to do is take care of anyone but yourself, I give you permission to give your kids a movie, a tub of snacks, tell them you love them, but beg them to not talk to you for two hours.

And now I want a nap!


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