Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Top Three Fave Movies

I'm not sure what made me think to do this, but I recently have started listening to Harry Connick, Jr., while getting dinner ready via our Echo Dot and man, it just makes things one step happier in our kitchen! I sometimes feel like Emma Stone in 'La La Land' (if you don't understand that association, you need to go see 'La La Land' immediately)!

And while listening to dreamy Harry, Give Me a Wink and a Smile came on last night. Which is on one of my very favorite movies of all time. Which made me think I should do a post on my favorite movies and see what your top three movie picks would be as well!

If you are a fan of blood and guts and gore, or action-packed thrillers, or of guns and loud noises, you will not be a fan of my movie selections because I am 310 percent the exact OPPOSITE of all of those things when it comes to my favorite movies.

I love love.

I love happy.

I love love, happy and the chance that there will be a sequel.

First up...

 I loved these four movies so much that I couldn't decide which was my favorite! Now, I realize they haven't been verified as "classic" status because they are almost all less than 10 years old. But MAN... are these good!

The Family Stone is one that really is probably more of a depressing movie ... but I loved it! I love the family dynamic -- I want my family to be as close as the Stone's and if my kids all end up gay and happy, so be it! :)

The Holiday has such a fantastic ending... and middle... and beginning... it's hard not to love it. If you haven't seen it, go do it now!

Something's Gotta Give had me with the cast, the music, the setting... as did It's Complicated! I want my every day house to be the house from It's Complicated and I want my beach house to be the one from Something's Gotta Give.

Now I just need someone to pony up about 10 million dollars and we are good! I'll invite you all to my houses!


You will never ever ever be able to ever ever convince me that there is a better movie couple than Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan! I LOVE them. I love them separately, but I love them even more together!

Friends, the early 90s were a mecca for good movies and this one will always be my No. 2 favorite movie. I love the story. I LOVE the music (which is one reason why I love Harry Connick, Jr.). I love Meg Ryan's character I think because she reminds me of my aunt Marcia so very much (as does Diane Keaton -- they are very similar, I sometimes have an internal war over who my aunt Marcia is more like... weird, I know... but if you know my aunt Marcia, think about this and get back to me)!

The ending is the best and I LOVE happy endings!
 And No. 1 is my all-time favorite movie ever in the history of favorite movies is Father of the Bride.

NOT the original (though the original is wonderful and usually I prefer the original over the copycat).

My love for Annie Banks McKenzie and George Banks began way back in 1991. And it continues until this day.

I dreamed of having a wedding just like hers. I wanted pink bridesmaid dresses -- if I recall, my mom sort of turned her nose up at that idea.

So guess who got the gorgeous pink bridesmaid dresses?

Not a real shocker there!

Oh well.

But I would play the soundtrack to this movie over and over and just envision my own wedding and George Ba... I mean dad walking me down the aisle.

So I might not have gotten the pink dresses, but I got the music! You can be danged sure that Pachabel's 'Canon' was being played when the bridesmaids walked down the aisle.

But this movie never fails to make me happy. I know every word to every single scene and there will never be a movie that will top this one for me! I'm excited to share it with my Sloane one day!

So now I'm needing to know what YOUR favorite movies are?! What are some that I need to put on my 'To Watch' list? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Happy Hump Day!



  1. My best friend's wedding. Rent. Also the holiday. And more that I will think of later!

    1. My Best Friends Wedding. All the silly ❤️ eyes.


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