Thursday, November 3, 2016

Etsy Finds of the Week

Welcome to another Thursday everyone! Since we've reached the month of November, the month before December and the holiday season, I feel that it is appropriate to start posting 'Finds' that would be great gifts ideas!

Though I don't know about the rest of you, but it is WAY too warm in Arkansas right now and feels more like August than November, which I'm entirely NOT OK with.

But, I will put on my jolly boots and pretend that it's a crisp Fall day!

Here you go...
Monogrammed Crossbody Fringe Purse
By: Southern Trademark

So this adorable store is actually owned by one of my friends that I worked with when I was at Wichita State! Brittany and her sister started this store and I honestly didn't know what to pick to post because everything in their shop is adorable! 

They have SO many options of items to purchase and everything can be monogrammed! I picked this one because I had seen it before and love the color and the fringe. The fashionista in your life would thank you for this! 

But they have adorable baby quilts that can be monogrammed - I can vouch for these quilts because my girls have the same ones! They have sportswear that can be monogrammed, duffels for men, children's clothing, great bridal party wear... Seriously - endless options! 

Please check out their site - I'm happy to say I can vouch for them without even having to tell you that they have fantastic reviews.

State Cutting Board
By: SS Engraving

I don't know about you all, but it is VERY hard to shop for men in my life. Particularly my husband (with the exception of my dad, who loves 'In the Kitchen with David' on QVC so I have a list of cooking utensils he wants for Christmas).
I had seen these cutting boards in a store in Minnesota and loved them, but they were a bit too pricey for my liking.

Then low and behold, I found them on Etsy. And for under $25! And I love them as gifts for guys!

These come in ANY STATE you want as well as many different options, such as Italy, France and Long Island. :) You also have endless options on what you want to be engraved on the board! 

The seller has five-star reviews. If you're curious on shipping time, send them a message! 

 Personalized Monogram Bracelet
By: Oh My Heart Embroidery

As I was doing my weekly peruse of Etsy, I found some embroidered necklaces that I thought were really fun and unique (Merri Weather Council), but then I came across this bracelet from a different seller and thought of my Sloane.

Or any young girl who loves jewelry! 

What a cute gift/stocking stuffer to give! It's not too old, but with just the right amount of spunk! 

You pick out the initial, the length of bracelet and the colors for the embroidery!

Seller has great reviews and makes your bracelet personally for you! 

Lots of fun options today as you get started on your holiday shopping! Happy November!


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