Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! It's been yet another week full of fun at the Clark Household!

Sloane came home from school on Wednesday with a 100 degree fever, though you would never have known anything was wrong with her. And school policy is that you can't return to school until you have been fever-free for 24 hours. Which meant no school for her Thursday.

And I quickly remembered Thursday by 7 AM why Sloane being in school every day is something she and I need! :)

I will take any and all recommendations on vitamins, probiotics, WHATEVER you give your kids ... Sloane has had stomach ache's, headache's, etc. constantly this school year. I realize that this sort of comes with the territory of kindergarten and building up immunity, but man... I'm sick of seeing notes from the nurse in her backpack!

ANYWHO -- Friday Favorites!
I posted this on my Tess and Elm Facebook page yesterday, but I love Chubby Sticks from Clinique! And just in time for Christmas, Sephora has a Clinique Chubby Stick gift set for only $25! The set includes six different shades of lip color and a pink tin.

NOTE: What you see is what you get. These don't twist up to provide more lipstick. Just a little FYI! 

But I love this as a gift idea for quite a few people on my list! 

I spent the late afternoon/evening with my wonderful friend, Gabrianna, last Saturday. She helped Lauren and I tear down from our Two Dots event, which is a lifesaver! Thank you to my good friends that come and visit us at these shows, sometimes buy stuff, and then help us teardown. Those are keepers, people!

Anywho... one of the many things we talked about were these Smartwool Sleuth Socks. I had commented after trying on a pair of booties at DSW that I couldn't wear a good pair of socks with them. Hence Gabe with the mention of these socks!

They might be between $10-15, BUT ... they keep your feet warm when it's cold out, and cool when it's warm out. They come in 13 different colors on Amazon and are perfect for shoes that you don't want to see your socks!

I'm a sucker for a good sock. And also, another great stocking stuff idea! Thanks Gabe! 

Yet another great stocking stuffer idea I found while browsing on Amazon, my new past-time. :)

These Topgirl Cosmetic Brushes are just like the Beauty Blender that I love and have mentioned on here before. But they are $2.48.

Yes. $2.48.

That can mean the quality might not be super amazing. But I think it's worth a shot at under three dollars! Shipping is $1, but if you want to make sure to get them before Christmas, I'd pay a little extra.

Found a new Essie nail polish that I'm going to have to try over the winter months...

Ready to Boa is a deep maroon with a bit of a gold shine to it! It's a really pretty color and I'm all about the dark fingernail colors during the cold winter months!

Except for around Christmas when I like to wear a fun red color on my nails!

Is there a better name for a nail polish?! I tend to lean towards the reds that have a bit of orange in them -- the other options seem to... grown up for me. 

Something I obviously have a problem with and should look into. :) 

Back to Brickyard Buffalo... because I have a newfound love for it!

I'm going to need this sweatshirt. It's so stinkin' cute! And it's $24.

 I'm also loving these... that would be great with my Smartwool Sleuth socks! :) $34.99 on Brickyard Buffalo! 

And I might own a pair of Hunter boots, but that doesn't stop me from loving these rain boots as well!

Oh Brickyard Buffalo... you are the devil in the best way possible! :)

Everyone have a great weekend! I'll try and have a few posts next week -- the kids are off of school the entire week. We'll see who survives - me or them. :)


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