Thursday, November 10, 2016


Happy Thursday everyone! I'm throwing you off a little this week. Thursdays' are usually designated for Etsy Finds of the Week. And most of the time, that will always be the case.

But today, I wanted to do something a little different. We are going 'Pinteresting' (copyright that)! I LOVE Pinterest, but never have enough time to sit and spend the hours that I want on it. So today I'm designating some time to some of the things that I have found recently that I love! 

It's hard to narrow it down, but oh-so-fun...


Ugh! I've wanted an old wooden church pew for awhile. I love that it is a great decor piece as well as extra seating! 

Someday. ;) 

This is my kitchen.  

Well, not MINE mine, but if I were to create a kitchen, this would be it. I LOVE the wood countertops and the white walls! 

I'm now on the hunt for this rug! 

I'm constantly looking for something to put at the entryway to our front door and I LOVE this planter and boxwood! I want something that will look good in that spot all year long but that I can dress up with pumpkins or ribbon, etc. 

I love, love, love this room for a little girl! It's not too far out of my comfort zone. Plus the framed wallpaper would be a cinch to do! 

Ever since Joanna and Chip Gaines came into my life, I have a new found love for tiles. Not boring tiles. But fun tiles, like the one above! I would LOVE to use them on a floor or as a backsplash someday.

Keyword being someday.

I did some pantry reorganization this summer (it was fun and stressful at the same time) and this post definitely helped me out, in regards to the baskets for potatoes, labels, glass jars, etc.). A good find!

What a fantastic pop of color during those cold winter months! Another good idea for the front entryway!


It's finally cooling off here in northwest Arkansas so chili is on the list of must-make items!

That's all for today! Like I said, I LOVE Pinterest! If you like some of the things you've seen, you can follow my Pinterest page by clicking here!   

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  1. I love that kitchen as well...and guess what? It's in Prairie Village! (At least, I think that is the one I am thinking of) I can't decide if the patterned tile is a good idea in our new house. Is it one of those things that will be SO 2016 in a 2020?

  2. GET OUT!!!!!!!!! I want it.

    And I'm in agreeance with the tile. Which is why I'd totally feel safe doing it in a bathroom where I don't see it constantly like I would the kitchen. You won't get sick of it so quickly in a bathroom! Which is also how I feel about wallpaper.

    My second cousins live in Olathe and are renovating their old house. They found an amazing tile I need to send you!


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