Thursday, November 17, 2016

Etsy Finds of the Week

Friends... it has been one of those weeks.

You know the kind, where you have approximately 522 things to accomplish but no time to accomplish any of them?

Two Dots had a big show over the weekend in Kansas City so I had to spend any free time I had this week to taking pictures and posting items to our site and social media. Which means something had to get left behind... Sorry Tess and Elm!

But I'm up bright and early today so I could bring you some Etsy Finds of the Week!
 Letters from Santa
$18 + 

This shop came across my Instagram feed this morning and I immediately clicked on it! My kids would lose their minds to receive something like this! I was gone this last weekend and all I heard about when I got back was how they talked to Santa on the phone! 

I LOVE these handwritten letters - it's hard to be able to write like Santa, but one of Santa's Little Helpres, who just happens to have an Etsy store in her part time, does a very nice job with it! 

The letter are customized to each child, hand stamped and sealed with wax! 

If you want one ASAP, contact the seller! 

Really good reviews!
 Christmas Tea Towel

I LOVE this shop.

Like... I didn't know which one item to pick. I ofcourse had to go with this one because it's from one of the best Christmas movies ('Elf') and because it's $12.

How do you find a more perfect stocking stuffer than this for $12?

I had leaned towards some aprons as well because I also think this shop's selection is adorable! 

Please go look at this shop and tell me what you like! The options are endless and with great reviews! 

Fresh Boxwood Wreath
By: NaturDesign

We all know my obsession with boxwood. I believe one of my last Etsy Finds was of the mini boxwood wreaths I purchased last year to hang up on my glass cupboards in the kitchen! 

Well I just came across this wreath and for $39, it's hard to pass up! It's fresh boxwood an will look so great with a bright red ribbon tied around it hanging on the front door! 

The colors will vary depending on if you hang it outside or inside. 

Five star reviews from this seller and can ship in 3-5 business days! 

Everyone have a great Thursday!


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