Thursday, September 15, 2016

Etsy Finds of the Week

                                                                             I LOVE KSU Onesie
                                                                               By Cara's Playground
                                                                                       Price: $15

Guys ... somehow I got to the start of football season and just assumed that when I went through Tess's tubs of clothes handed down from her sister and her cousin, Perry, that I would come across K-State gear that would fit her.

I was wrong.

We had K-State tops but the only short-sleeve one that fit her was 12 months! So... we did what any respectable K-State fan would do. She wore it. Big and loud and proud. And also purchased this adorable onesie the same day so we would be ready.

This will be waiting for us in Manhattan this weekend when we drive up for the football game. Pics to follow.

Seller was very easy to work with and answered my questions quickly! She had lots of other items to choose from ... even dreaded KU apparel. If I dressed my children in that God foresaken attire, it would be adorable!

                                                                   Pumpkin Spice Tea Towel
                                                                                  By Kitch Studios
                                                                                        Price: $11

When Etsy gives you a 'Best of Fall Under $30' category to peruse, you peruse it. I literally favorited atleast eight stores to go back and check out. But this one caught my eye immediately!

I LOVE a good tea towel. And I LOVE a good tea towel that has a great font and saying on it.

Since Fall is my favorite season, this one was really speaking to me. And for $11, it's hard to pass up since most tea towels that you see like this are definitely a little pricier.

I loved this store not only for the adorable tea towels but for their wide selection of home items! They have some great chalkboards and used them to hang behind wreaths or hang on the walls.

Seller has great reviews! And you can't pass up some of these items as gifts for others... or gifts to yourself. :)

                                                        Gold Initial Necklace
                                                                                   By Lola Bean Jewelry
                                                                                             Price: $40+

When I had Sloane, Matt gave me a silver necklace with a small circlular disc and her name on it that was from an Etsy seller.

I LOVED it! And I wore it every day!

When Reece was born, we added a second disc with his name on it in a different font.

Then I broke the chain.

Almost two years later, I haven't replaced it. Yet I did gain another child.

So I have been on the hunt for a new necklace, but am being even more picky than usual because a) I have went to the 'gold side' and b) I don't want a necklace with three discs on it because I'm scared it will sound like dog tags and people will hear me coming from a mile away!

It has been a test to find something I like that isn't too much.

I came across this site last week and really loved their jewelry. It's really pretty and it looks like it's really well made.

I still haven't decided on a final design. I don't necessarily want all three of the kids names to be on three discs. Maybe one disc, one single initial, and one small tag (browse this site and you'll know what I'm talking about)! And if you have ANY ideas or recommendations on what I should do, PLEASE comment and tell me! :)

Seller has all great reviews and many, many options!

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Happy Thursday!


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