Friday, September 9, 2016

Knock, Knock

Hello friends … I'm back!

After a four year hiatus, I've returned to the blogging world. Because I obviously don't have enough on my plate as it is, why not tack on more! :)

In all seriousness, I loved blogging! It was so much fun to share life's funny stories with you. That life has changed drastically since my last post, which was when my middle baby, Reece, was born.

Four years, two months and some days ago to be exact.

And life continues to throw me curve balls each and every day. And I constantly have questions about everything. From kids, to jobs, to fitness, to home decor, to style … On how to make it all work. I know that no one has the answer to all of life's questions but I love getting opinions from people because that is the only way to grow and learn.

I hope that by sharing some of my stories, we can grow and learn together! So I'm really crossing my fingers that those of you out there will comment on my posts and we can all start a dialogue together! I promise to respond -- and maybe others will respond, and off we go!

My goal is to share stories about my life, but to also include things that I enjoy (if I had hobbies, you would maybe call them hobbies). For example, my sister Lauren and I opened an online clothing store, Two Dots (woohoo!) three years ago. So fashion has become a daily part of my life. You might not be able to tell from the workout leggings and top that I sport 92 percent of the time… but it is! So we will definitely throw in some fashion here and there!

I also LOVE home decor -- I wish I lived in a Pottery Barn! But since I can't, and can't really afford to drop $90 on the beautiful embroidered pumpkin pillow cover, we can hopefully find somewhere that has a replica! And share! And love! And all go and buy it and rejoice that we didn't spend $90 on it!

On my last blog, I did a fun 'Etsy Finds of the Week' which I hope to return to. Etsy is SO amazing in so many ways … that Pottery Barn pillow replica is DEFINITELY on there somewhere! We found a startup designer to design our Two Dots logo off of Etsy. Boom. So I'm going to continue to share some Etsy love!

There might be a post or two about food and cooking/baking … but those might be few and far between since I'm lucky to get ONE dinner made each week! Seriously people… it is easier for me to carry three children at one time than it is for me to make food. I am crossing fingers that this is not a 'forever thing' but right now the thought of it ever changing is a little daunting!

So that's it … for today! I'm excited to get going again with this and so excited to start some great discussions with old followers and new followers. So if you want to share this blog via social media or email or text to your friends that you think would like to grow and learn with a wacky mom of three… share away!

Let's do this, people!


PS. I'm sure you're dying to know how I came up with the title. And it's fairly simple. Tess is my baby and when I was blog-name-hunting, she was my favorite child of the moment (another reason my kids will end up in therapy -- "Mom didn't name her blog after me"!). And Elm Street was the greatest street to grow up on in my small town. So that is how Tess and Elm was born!  :)

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