Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Quote Unquote Book Club

When people talked about "Book Club" (I feel like Joey Tribiani in 'Friends' when he would use the air quotes incorrectly), I assumed that it was just a special way of saying a get together with girlfriends where you ate and drank.

I'm not kidding, I seriously thought that's what it meant.

Yes, maybe a book was proposed for the month, but nobody actually read it!

So when the idea of starting a book club in our neighborhood was suggested, I was all in! One night a month, free of kids and responsibilities, free booze and food? Ummm, yeah - where do I sign up?

The group was formed. The first book was selected and our first book club was hosted. And much to my surprise... people actually READ the book!

Cover to cover.

AND had questions.

One gal in our group even had pages full of sticky notes to ask questions on later.

This was when I knew this was not "Book Club." This was Book. Club. The real deal!

OK, so I had to adjust my mindset. Yes, there was still free drinks and food (yay!), but I needed to find time to read. I can do this!

But then I started watching "Big Love", an HBO show on polygamists in Utah (really good slash interesting show if you're needing a new series - it's 5 seasons long). And book club book went to the side.

So far, we have had three book club parties. Each month, I have actually went to the library and had the book in my possession. But when choosing between reading and polygamy, sister wives kept winning!

This month was my turn to host. I really thought about this one because I know I needed to pick something that was a quick read because our time to read was shorter than the last month. I needed to find something that I would actually READ and participate in since I was the hostess.

So I chose a cookbook.

Slightly ironic since I'm not much of a cook. But I thought, HEY! I can feed my family AND knock on book club in one swoop!

Book club no. 4 convened at our house last night. Everyone was to bring a recipe they had tried from one of the Pioneer Woman's cookbooks (or from her vast list of recipes on her blog). I made dinner for everyone from her first cookbook - meatballs, mashed potates, a salad and her flat apple pie.

I was terrified because thought it might LOOK like it would taste good, actually tasting it was a different story. And the story of my life when I'm cooking!

But luckily, it was a success! It was another wonderful book club evening with a good group of friends, wonderful conversation, a smidge of chatter about recipes made ... and what I always look forward to, food and booze. :)

In all seriousness, it was a very fun night and I feel blessed to get to see this group of women away from the hustle and bustle of every day life and to just enjoy each others company and conversation.

Icing on the cake for me was one of the gals telling me my house should be in a magazine. I've found a new life goal!

Cheers to "Book Club"!


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