Tuesday, September 13, 2016

You Get What you Pay For

I started college in August 2001.

And before anyone wants to comment (I can see my kid's babysitter, who is a junior in college snickering as she realizes how old I am), can I just state that yes, it has been 15 years since I started college.

But it does not feel like it!

Yes, some days I feel like I'm 76.

Some days I feel like I'm on the cusp of 45.

Today… today I feel 37. And I'm only 33 (17 days away from 34 BUT STILL 33).

But back to the main point…

I started college in 2001 at what is known as the greatest college in the country. Some of you may also know it as Kansas State University, located in beautiful Manhattan, Kansas, where my parents moved to two years ago.

Most of my family are K-State grads with the exception of my one uncle who kinda sorta went to KU. We love him. But we see things differently on some things. :)


I went through sorority recruitment before school started that year. I knew very little about sororities except that my mom was in what she believes to be the greatest sorority ever (as was her sister) and that it may or may not have been the best time of her life! This is all I knew going in.

I had a pretty good recruitment and in the end, I ended up at Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Circa 2007 (Facebook didn't exist prior to 2005)

Now at the time,  I didn't realize what kind of stigma was associated with sororities. Maybe I didn't even realize it until after I got out of college.

But people really think sorority girls a) walk around topless through the house and have pillow fights b) are snotty little rich girls c) are ditzy d) have to pay to get friends.

I can tell you that most of these are not true! Walk around topless, having pillow fights? This one is kind of funny because knowing my friends, they would have thought it hysterical to try and accomplish this. I wouldn't have partaked. They know this. But… this doesn't happen.

Snotty little rich girls? I can point you in the direction of where those snotty little rich girls were but sadly they were none of my friends. Sometimes I think that we all should have chosen a little wiser - how did we get no one in our sorority with parents that had suites at the football stadium where there was free food and booze? My sister somehow managed to have one of those friends in in her inner circle (she also pledged Kappa).

Ditzy? Ehhhh… aren't we all?

And yes, we did have to pay to be in the sorority… but I believe it to be the best money ever spent.

I bring this all up because this past weekend, I spent Saturday evening with a group of sorority sisters that I keep in close contact with, but don't get to see often enough.

And I laughed my face off for pretty much three hours straight.

These people that I paid to be my friends were well worth it! They made college what it was, they made it entertaining. They were there to listen to you vent about life. To whine about having to walk from one end of campus all the way back to the house and how man, it would be nice to have a parking spot on campus!

They made post-college better because there was the excitement of getting to see them and knowing the laughs that would ensue!

And 11 years after graduating and many wedding showers, weddings, baby showers and babies, Saturday night felt like very little time had passed.

My cousin just went through recruitment at K-State and it still as nerve-wracking as if I was going through it myself. And the only good advice I could give her, that I know was 100 percent true, was that you end up where you are suppose to be. I knew when I walked in the door at Kappa on Bid Day, that that was where I was suppose to be. It felt like home.

And that home was filled with people that would become my lifelong friends.

And I'm forever grateful for those apparent ditzy, snotty little rich girls who run around topless starting pillow fights that I paid to be my friends.

Greek life is the bomb.


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