Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! We did it! We survived another week - alleluia (though I'm currently listening to my 7 month old today screaming bloody murder because she will not nap)! We are excited for a weekend at home - my parents and niece Perry are coming down to stay which always makes me happy!

Here are some of my Friday Favorites...

Oh girls. I have a newfound love with Boden USA. The stuff is so classic with not alot of fuss -- it screams "ALLYSON! BUY ME! EVERY LAST THING!" Sadly, I have to scream back, "I'D LOVE TO! BUT YOU'RE TOO FRIGGIN' EXPENSIVE!" As is this skirt. This skirt is so friggin' adorable. But it's $298.

I'm laughing as I type that.

So what is my new mission? To find this skirt for MUCH less expensive, but still good quality. I'm actually in love with the entire outfit, but know I can find that same top for a lot less as well.

But I love to find places that give me great ideas when it comes to fashion and home decor -- so here you go! Browse away and if you can, buy away. Just know that I'll be sitting here in Arkansas being very jealous of you. 

Gallery Skirt
***UPDATE: Thanks to Tanya Orstad, a similar option (though not suede) was found at Anthropologie! The Gallery Skirt comes in a three different colors, but is super adorable and $78 (vs. $298)! She said to order a size up because the sizing is small on this skirt.

                                                      Essie's Big Spender

I love painting my nails... only since 2008. Before that I thought it was too much. Now I feel like if I don't have it on, I'm missing something.

But I'm very particular about color choices and seasons. Like right now, I couldn't do a hot pink or really bright colors because we are now officially in the fall season. So I feel like it's time to dial it back on the brightness, which is why I LOVE Essie's Big Spender color. It is not too bright, but it's not full on dark yet... which comes later as the season gets chillier! 

Target always has a great selection of Essie Colors... as does Walgreens. So if you're near either of those, stop in, drop $9 on some nail polish and get into the fall spirit! 

Sit Me in the Front Row - closest color to Big Spender

***UPDATE: Thanks to Kaye Nemec for telling me about Sally Hansen's Gel Polish (Essie's version is Gel Couture). She said you can put it on and it will last for almost two weeks versus a few days like most other nail polishes!!! Definitely worth a try! Has anyone else tried this and been happy?!

                                          Rich Pumpkin Dream Glade Candle 

Speaking of fall, I'm a lover of apple cinnamon scents in my house all year long. Blame (or thank) my mother, but I'm obsessed with it and it always makes me happy! I buy the Airwick version of it.

But this time of year, I try to light some candles and Glade seems to always have great options during the seasons. This year, I found Rich Pumpkin Dream and holy cow! It is ON POINT, people! I lit it oen afternoon and left the house only to receive a text from Matt saying our house smelled awful. I immediately was upset because I knew I had just lit these brand new candles. He then said he was kidding and that it smelled great.

And he was right! It smelled amazing! I picked mine up at Target, but I know they are pretty much everywhere. So if you need some instant fall, get this ASAP! 

                          Birkenstock Essentials Madrid EVA Flat Sandal

If you ask me what was the one best thing I purchased all summer, I would tell you it was this sandal. 

I wore it almost every single day. 

And they were $29. Birkenstock's for $29. You read it right! 

They were the most comfy sandal I've ever put on. Plus I know they were much better for my feet than my normal flip flop that I wore as well as were a little more fashion-forward. 

If you are still needing a slip-on sandal (because let's be real, it's fall, but where I'm at - it is still in the 90s ... BLEH!) and one that you will continue to use every time it warms up, GET THESE IMMEDIATELY! They come in black, navy, hot pink, hot green, red and white. If I could find them in an olive color, you bes' be believin' I'd be getting that color as well! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend -- hopefully the weather cools off, you can sit outside, drink a brewskie or Coke and enjoy some football.

Because that is what I will be doing. 

And saying a little prayer that my kids can take care of themselves while I'm doing those fun thing! :)



  1. So I got my shirt from Two Dots in the mail yesterday (which I love!) and the tissue paper and shirt smelled so much of fall goodness. Keep on burning those candles because it made new clothes even better!!!

    1. I am told by everyone that walks in my house that it smells like apples and cinnamon - I do not smell it anymore so I seem to vamp it up even more in the fall. I'm sure it's out of control! So... I'm sorry... BUT glad you like it! HA! :)


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