Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How To Do it All and Not Keel Over From Mental and Physical Exhaustion

The title of this post does not have an answer.

Because it is a question.

HOW can one do this?!

My husband got frustrated with me last night because he said I wasn't talking to him... after he had jokingly said, "Man, I just made bottles, folded laundry, cleaned up the kitchen... Anything else I can do for you?"

Yeah, you can be me for three days. I'll find you in the corner in a fetal position asking for your life back!

He was totally joking because he knows I do that stuff all the time. But... he wanted some recognition for getting some stuff done. So I thanked him (and am super appreciative of his help)!

But as we females tend to do, I mentally made a list of the 344 other things I do on a daily basis but don't get thanks for.

Including the clean shirt and shorts he had on -- because I did that laundry.

I'm just mentally and physically exhausted. My mind never stops going until the point where I stop thinking and fall asleep. So I get about five and a half hours of bliss before I wake up and start all over again.

I'm being told I need to find more time to sit and relax. Which does sound amazing! But then lunches won't get made, laundry won't get switched or folded, dishes won't get clean, Sloane's snack won't get put in her backpack (and that would be a travesty, let me tell you!), homework folders won't be gone through... I mean, the list goes on.

We have the kids signed up for activities this fall -- Reece has gymnastics once a week in the late afternoon and Sloane does a pom pom class once a week in the evenings. It has definitely been an added stress to get them to these things only because we used to be able to do things in the mornings when one sibling was at school. Now the only time we can participate is in the evenings ... when I have all three kids with me!

Is this something we give up?

But I don't want to... I mean, I don't like the stress it adds. But if they aren't doing these things, I'm scared they'll become couch potatoes.

Which is EXACTLY what I want ME to be!

I just want to know how to do it all and still have time to sit down with my husband and enjoy the five minutes of peace and quiet that we have together? It seems like an anomaly.

Dialogue time!


PS. I don't know how I wrote this - I was sleeping and typing at the same time. ;)

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  1. It's hard! Even when your kids are older and can do stuff themselves. My suggestion, get a sitter once in a while. Get a high school or college girl to take sloane to Pom Pom or Reece to gym. Have lots of chats with your friends and drink a beer or class of wine while making dinner. If your house is a mess, let it be sometimes. It's not going anywhere. Sloane and recee can have chores too. Easy ones, but it helps. Or, have your auntie come down sometime and watch the kids for you ��


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