Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Anthropologie Gift Guide

Good morning friends and welcome to my first-ever holiday gift guide ... from one store. Hey, it's a start!

I received an email from Anthropologie and decided to take a look. Everything in the sale section is an additional 40 percent off which makes alot of things a really good deal! All of the clothing you see above - minus the Velvet Shirtdress which is a splurge item - is at a fantastic price!

The other items are all under $25 and are some great gift ideas if you are a little mind-boggled on what to get some people!

1. The Brigette Bow Belt is ADORABLE and would be so cute just with some simple black pants and a white top! It comes in three colors and all sizes - extra small through large and on sale for $24!

2. We have SO many of these Zinc Letters around our house! We've hung them on walls, we've put them on the mantle, we've set them on desks. They are cute and a fun easy thing to decorate with and are $18/piece.

3. I LOVED the Draped Morgan Trench! The trench is a super classic piece to have in your closet and I thought the drape was a fun twist! It's only available in a medium at this point and is on sale for $60 (originally at $128)!

4. I'm a tea towel hoarder. I love them and always make them a part of my kitchen decor - if you are at my house and see the ones hanging on the oven - those are not to be used. If only my husband would learn this. Anyway, when I saw the North Pole version, I squeaked - it's SO cute for this time of year and only $20 - such a cute gift idea!

5. The Marie Cabled Pullover was a sweater I saw on another fashion blogger's site and I assumed it would be gone ASAP after she posted it, but luckily for you, it's still available! It comes in two colors and is available in medium, large and extra large for $42!

6. Well... for my Kappa sisters, you know you are swooning over these Hoot Owl Socks. Our 'mascot' if you will is the Owl so anything you can get your hands on that is Owl related but not totally cheesy is a must-have! These cute things are $15.

7. I'm very much wanting this Ruffled Henley Top! The checked pattern and the colors AND the ruffle are calling my name! It's only available in a medium right now and is on sale for $40!

8. We drew names on my mom's side of the family for the kiddos and we drew my sweet cousin Maggie, who is 2. Her wishlist included a purse and I was SOOOO excited to find this one because it's too friggin' adorable (I can see her walking around with it now) and the price was perfect ($15) for our cousin gift exchange. So I bought it. And Maggie will be styling with a unicorn purse this Christmas!

9. I thought these measuring cups and spoons were a really cute gift idea or a great housewarming gift for someone! These are the kinds of measuring cups and spoons that I would be OK leaving out for people to see! :) ($18 for the spoons and $34 for the cups)

10. And last but definitely not least. The splurge item! I couldn't not post this because I had been eyeing it and needing to make sure you all knew how pretty velvet is this time of year! If you have an upcoming party to go to or Christmas Eve mass to dress up for, get yourself some velvet! This dress is just so pretty -- it IS $148 (cringe) but it's one of those pieces that will never leave your wardrobe!

Hope you enjoyed this Anthro Gift Guide -- maybe there is something that you can add to your gift list for yourself or for a friend!


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