Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Importance of Great Teachers

I am the daughter of two educators.

My mom taught elementary school for more than 25 years before she retired... then returned as a teaching assistant (slash she is a teacher) at a school near Manhattan, where they moved two years ago.

My dad was a teacher, counselor, principal and superintendent over his education career.

And I can tell you that they were two of the VERY best. It is hard to find someone in Sedan that had my parents as a teacher or principal that did not love them. So I hold teacher's to the very highest regard. Their value is priceless.

I've entered that time in my life where my kids are in preschool and in public school and man, have we lucked out with some great teachers!

We had the sweetest teachers when Sloane and Reece were at Normandale Preschool in Minneapolis. When we moved to Bentonville, we somehow lucked out at a wonderful preschool that had ONE opening left in Sloane's age level. Ms. Ashley transitioned Sloane into her room so well and Sloane loved going! Reece was at Creation Corner and it was there that they pointed out some of his hearing issues, which brought about so many things we now know about Reece.

So again... I don't know what I would have done without these wonderful teachers!

Sloane had Ms. Alicia for pre-K at In His Image and in one her books here at home, it asks who her favorite teacher is. It says Ms. Alicia. And that will be there forever! Ms. Alicia pointed out how she noticed Sloane seems to be lacking in the self confidence area and how she was going to work with her on that and again, pointing out things for us to watch for!

Reece had an interesting year at Creation Corner because his meltdown tantrums would show their ugly face here sometimes. And thanks to Ms. Amber and Ms. Amanda, he found his way.

Now Reece is at In His Image and Sloane is in elementary school. Reece's teacher, Ms. Heather, is moving on to a new job after Christmas break and won't be returning to the school.

Ms. Heather took on Reece beginning in June at summer school and really 'figured him out'. He loved going to school and seeing Ms. Heather. And I am so grateful and appreciative of her and the kindness, love and patience she showed Reece (and myself) over the last six months. She saw him through some of his rough patches, but man, has he progressed! We both had tears in our eyes today when we were saying goodbye. Ms. Heather, you are going to be one missed woman!

My Sloane's kindergarten teacher has shown tremendous kindness to Sloane and has called to fill me in on things she has noticed with her, which I'm thankful for. Sloane is going to be one that takes awhile to process things, which slows things down. So we've got some things to work on, but hoping it will all just start to click.

It takes a village to raise children and you just hope and pray that your village includes people that I have discussed above. I will always remember these teachers and what they have done for my kids! And I hope that I can look back in 25 years and see that our village is massive and full of people just like them!

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