Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Favorites

Welcome to the end of the week, friends!

Otherwise known as 16 days until Christmas.

I don't know if that stresses you out or makes you happy. It does a little of both to me! It is my favorite time of year (besides my birthday), but man - when you are searching for gifts and don't know what to get someone or can't find that perfect gift, it can be a liiiittttle stressful!

Maybe today I can help you with some gifts if you're still searching.

Or just more stuff to add to your list!

Here we go...

So... I have sent these boots to numerous people to show them that a) I love them b) I want them c) but I don't know if I can pull them off.

Because I'm five foot four inches tall. That's why. Not 5' 9" like this model. I literally googled with short girls can wear over the knee boots and ofcourse, the best advice was that if you want to wear them, wear them with confidence.

So I'm thinking about it. Matt keeps asking what I want for Christmas and I tell him. He shrugs. Then I show him these boots. Because they are $180 and I would never buy them for myself.

My sister said to try a pair on before I commit so this weekend, count that as one of my tasks!

This site popped up on my Facebook page not too long ago and ofcourse, I saw something cute so I had to check it out.

And I advise you all to the same! There are SOOO many items to look at and are at really good prices!

For example, I think this sweater is gorgeous:
And it is $56. I think for a sweater this pretty, that is reasonable.

And since I'm trying to find some sweaters that are daily wearable...

This is a fun one at $53.

Take a look and see what you can find and share the love!

Since we're talking clothes... today is the final day of Two Dots' 5 Days of Deals and it's a doozy -- 40 percent off EVERYTHING in stock! So if you've been waiting to get a good deal on some cute clothes, don't want anymore because today is the day!

Oprah continues to make me want everything she has with her 2016 Holiday Wish List out on Amazon! I perused the list the first day it came out and made my own list of things I'd like and things I knew others would like (this spaghetti pot is being gifted to some family members of mine who shall remain nameless but who love spaghetti more than anything on this earth).

I saw this NutraNuva Face Food and read reviews on it and there wasn't a single bad review! And I'm definitely looking to add to my morning/nightly face regime.

And it's anti-aging.

Yes, please. With a side of 'Can I get it tomorrow'?

This has been on my 'to buy' list for a few months now. For a few reasons.

It was impossible to get because it became so popular, no one could keep it on stock. And two, it would, quite easily, give my hair some lift and volume where I needed it!

I watched a Younique makeup consultant use it on a Facebook live video one day and it was amazing! It's like a powder that you spray in at your roots and you kind of scrunch it in and voila! Lift and volume!

It's only $13 on Amazon and since I have Amazon Prime (which is amazing), it's free shipping and no tax (in Arkansas) so it's hard to pass up at that price!

There you are, my friends! Your Friday Favorites!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I plan to clean my house (which makes me happy), try to finish up some Christmas shopping and go out to eat at my favorite chicken place with Sloanie, who gave me a gift card and $20 to take her to a movie! I can't wait! :)


PS. Casee Moran, if you're reading this -- the Morphe Eyeshadow Palette you won FINALLY came back in stock on Amazon, so it's headed your way!

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