Thursday, December 1, 2016

Etsy Finds of the Week

Happy Thursday to everyone! I almost did Friday Favorites in hope that maybe we could just skip right over Thursday, but ... here I am. Doing my Thursday Etsy Finds of the Week.

It will be fine.

It's almost Friday. :)

Here we go!

Travel Lego Playmat
By: Bee Sew Happy Boutique

I am always on the hunt for toys and games that are easy to pickup, but this playmat serves as double-duty: easy to pick-up and easily transportable!

I love that we could grab this and take it with us to the grandparent's house for the weekend or just to play with on a long car ride (because we take so many)!

There are many different options of 'scenery', and it folds up and velcroes to stay together! There are big pockets on one side to keep toys in - my Reece loves Hot Wheels cars, so he would zoom them across this all day long!

The seller has really good reviews and can ship in 2-7 business days. Great gift idea for a kiddo in your life! 

Light Box Vintage Style Sign

I know I've talked about these boxes before because they've become fairly popular recently, but I love how you can change out the text for a special event or a holiday! 

Plus this specific box comes with 85 letters and symbols, so surely you could find a clever sign to create! :) It measures 30 x 22 x 6 (cm) so it's not going to take over a huge space, but the perfect size to place on a mantle! 

Shipping IS $12, but the box is only $30 so I think it's a heck of a deal!!! It's ready to ship and the seller has good reviews, so add this to your Christmas gift list! 

Kid Umbrellas

So, my kids love umbrellas! They love umbrellas when it's raining, when it's not raining, in the bathtub. They love them. 

And we can't seem to keep them - they get destroyed easily, which is why I was hunting for an inexpensive version and I found it!

My kids would love that it's clear so they can see out and it's big enough that there is a chance they might not get soaked! :)

You can choose the style of monogram you want and the colors. Currently everything is 10% off in the shop, so now is the time to buy! 

Everyone have a great day and we will see you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


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