Thursday, January 5, 2017

Etsy Finds of the Week

Good morning friends and welcome to the first Etsy Finds of the Week of 2017!

If you haven't read a few of my last posts, let me catch you up to speed:

  • My husband is starting a new job.
  • It's in Chicago.
  • Therefore we are moving to Chicago.
  • Hopefully not until school is out.

That's the gist!

So now when I'm on Etsy, I will have a little more purpose as I'll be hunting for new decor items for the next house we are in. Even though I don't know where that will be or what the house will look like. But you always need some new stuff to put in your 'new' house, right?!

Magnolia Wreath
By: Charming Pine
$55 +

Ever since Chip and JoAnna Gaines came into my life, I have been needing a magnolia wreath in my life. And really, I had never seen a magnolia tree until we moved to Bentonville. They are SO incredibly pretty and I wish that I could have one in all of my future yards! 

Chip and Jo sell these wreaths in their store, but I did a little searching and found this one that I really like. I'd love to have a real one, and I found a  few sites that sell them on Etsy, but I don't especially love them when the leaves have dried up, which would inevitably happen in my house. I kill all plants.

This one is the most real-like with faux leaves. And this is probably the best price you will find for a faux Magnolia wreath! Would love it on a front door or as a decor piece inside. 

Good reveiws and some really cute items in this shop if you're a Fixer Upper fan! Check it out! 

House Shaped Shelf

I'm not sure how many of you moms out there have daughters who are obsessed with Shopkins.

But I am one of those moms. 

These tiny little... things... have taken over my life. I don't even know what they are! But I know they are small and everywhere! 

Sloane got a Shopkin case for Christmas and I truly thought that would help. But it hasn't, they are still everywhere!

So when I saw this adorable house, I thought BOOM! Kill two birds with one stone. Sloane needs stuff for her walls and a place to put her Shopkins and this will be perfect! 

They can be painted any color you'd like and this seller has really good reviews! 

 Rustic EAT Sign
 By: Pine Ridge Designs

Well crap. I'm definitely going to have to get this. It's adorable and perfect for a kitchen or dining area!

Color options are endless but I'd stay simple and do white probably. And all letters are distressed and sanded for this same look.

Seller has really good reviews and can ship in 6-8 days! Fun gift idea for someone. Or yourself.

In my case, for myself. :) 

Happy Thursday everyone!


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