Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Hump Day, friends! I just realized that a) it's the last Wednesday of the month (woah January, hello February) and b) I haven't done one of these in awhile!

So let's get to it!

What We're Eating This Week...
It was our week to host the Stacey's so I attempt to make them something that they haven't already had at our house. The last time they came over, I made them the Mississippi Roast in the crockpot and mashed potatoes in the pressure cooker and it was SO good! 

This time, I made taco salad - a recipe from my aunt Sherron's cookbook (one that she put together with recipes from her, my grandma, my aunts and many of her friends - they are classics that I love and it's my go-to cookbook) and as always, it was yummy! It's SO easy to make.

I also have a few recipes tagged from Shay Shull's cookbook 'Mix-n-Match Mama Eats'.

What I'm Reminiscing About...

I blogged about this yesterday, but Matt's granddad Jim passed away last Thursday night so I've definitely spent some time thinking about him, his life and his legacy he will leave behind. My husband grew up on a farm, half a mile from his grandparents house. Memories of growing up there will be treasured and that place will always hold a special place in his heart and so much of it traces back to his granddad and gramma. 

What I'm Loving...

You know I couldn't get away from this... but I'm loving my LipSense! Yet again, I blogged about this new opportunity that I decided to partake in this month. I became a LipSense distributor and vowed to not bug everyone about it 24/7 because I just can't be that person! I feel like bugging you about Two Dots is completely different. How, I don't know, but I'm OK with that!

what I will tell you about LipSense.

It is lipstick that doesn't come off. 

It. Doesn't. Come. Off. 

I LOVE my Mac lipsticks and my Clinique Chubby Sticks but I put them on and five minutes later, they have come off because I have eaten or drank or just walked around. LipSense does not come off - yes, you need to use the gloss throughout the day to help it not come off, but I just was discussing with Jenna that I almost never put the gloss on throughout the day (because let's be real, I forget to bring it with me and I just forget about it), but what's amazing is that I can get to the end of the day and STILL have lipstick on. 

Me in Honey Rose and Glossy Gloss (yes, that's the name... 😐)
The color options are gorgeous... and endless. If you want to try, just let me know! I have a growing list of people that want to try it and I have only personally contacted a few of them (because they are lipstick lovers and all lipstick lovers need this in their possession)! If you haven't joined my Facebook page to see all the colors and what I'll have in stock, just click here

What We've Been Up To...

 Oh... you know... just searching for a house in Chicago for us to live in that is not an hour commute for Matt and won't take him 20 minutes to walk from our house to the train station (though he blows it off like it won't be a big deal -- ask me how he's feeling after his fifth day of walking in negative temperatures with blowing snow in his face -- which I said to him), meeting with realtors to get our house on the market, going room to room to decide what needs to be hidden when people walk through our house, etc. 

This will be our life until the summer I believe!
What I'm Dreading...

See above! I'm dreading all of it! Talk to me in the summer when it's over!

What I'm Working On...

My life kind of revolves around my kids (making sure they have been fed, bathed, get them where they need to go, etc.), trying to have dinner for a hungry husband, house-hunting, Two Dots, blogging and now LipSense. There literally are not enough hours in the day! Realistically one of those should probably go away, but I can't pick which one it should be, so instead, I will just go crazy and try and get it all done! :) 
What I'm Excited About...

Well... I was very excited about a trip to Chicago next weekend to go look at houses and be kid-less for two days. But that trip is now postponed so... I'm looking forward to a Two Dots trunk show in Sedan instead! I love doing shows there because I get to see people I don't see very often anymore and I might get to go eat at Bucks BBQ. And hopefully go to church and see my St. Roberts peeps.

What I'm Watching/Reading...

I'm not sure if this tells you much about me.

But my favorite show of the moment is Ladies of London on Bravo TV.

And my book of the moment is 'Superficial' by Andy Cohen, the brains behind Bravo TV.

 If you think that I'm wishing to be a crazy, materialistic, rich witch... you might be right.

What I'm Listening To...

Matt got the Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas from my sister and we use it alot to play music while in the kitchen.

The kids ask only for Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and anything by the Chipmunks.

I recently asked for it to play Harry Connick, Jr., while I made dinner. And let me tell you, it made dinner-making much more delightful! I recommend a little Harry the next time you are prepping/cooking/baking.

What I'm Wearing...

Right now, our weather is spring like. Which annoys the crap out of me. Give me winter. Then give me spring. Not two weeks of winter, five months of spring, six months of summer, two weeks of fall.

So my attire is all up in the air. But a constant are my JCrew Factory Jeans.

They are so comfortable because they have a decent amount of stretch in them. Plus they come in a good variety of colors! AND they are less than $50 always!

What I'm Doing This Weekend...

This weekend, we will be back at the farm for Matt's granddad's funeral service. He was well-known across the area so I expect it to be a large crowd. Lots of talking. Totally my thing. 

What I'm Looking Forward to This Next Month...

I just looked at my February calendar today and it's filling up!

We've got things almost every weekend, birthday parties for friends, and then a big birthday party for Ms. Tess who turns one year old on February 24! That same weekend we are going to Wichita to Matt's alma mater to watch his college basketball coach coach his last home game as he is retiring after this season. 

In between all of that, Matt and I are suppose to go see Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt at the Walton Arts Center on February 21. Who wants to babysit?!

What Else is New...
I literally can't think of anything else going on in my life except that our sweet nephew/cousin Anderson is growing and will be a month old on February 8 - where did that month go?!

Everyone have a

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