Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites

Another Friday is here and another week we have survived! Pat yourselves on the back! :)

I'm trying to switch up the style on this week's Friday Favorites - we will see how you like it!

1) Because I'm obviously obsessed with booties (and cannot for the life of me find the exact pair that I must have)... I have found YET another pair to show you! This is the Sole Society 'Ines' Chelsea Boot and it's available at Nordstrom. There are three color options: black, cognac and taupe and they are under $100. Yet another reason I need to get to a Nordstrom ASAP!

2) This is me. Showing off my french braid I did on myself (all the thanks to Emily Cramer for years of staring at her beautiful french braids). Wearing my new Buffalo Check Shirt Jacket that I got on clearance sale at JCrew Factory (boom). And introducing my new favorite lipstick that I didn't want to like!

Welcome to the world of LipSense, friends! It's for real. And it's almost for real that I am considering selling it. They have TONS of colors - a color for everyone - and this stuff does not come off. I repeat. It. Does. Not. Come. Off. I have had this for four days now and for four days, I've stuffed my face with food and it never comes off!

I bought mine from a cousin of mine who just recently started selling it. And is adorable. And can wear ALL the shades and look awesome.

When you buy your first lipstick, I recommend getting the gloss -- you put on your lipcolor, let it dry for a second, then put on the gloss and that's it! Carry the gloss with you if you want to apply throughout the day, but I've worn mine without reapplying the gloss and have been fine! But once you buy the gloss, you don't have to buy it again and just can have fun buying lip colors (for reference, my color is Honey Rose -- I'm excited to get a brighter berry color next time)!

If you have questions, comment below. If I don't know the answer, I can find out for you and I can also direct you to Melissa if you want to try!

3) I can't tell you how I started following this person on Instagram. BUT I am. And as I was scrolling through the other day, I stopped to see what she was holding and what it said.

The bottle reads "Kids Immunity". She says she rolls it on the wrists of her kids before they go to school and it has truly helped to keep her kids from getting sick during "sick season".  Now, I'm not naive enough to believe that just by doing this, no one will get sick. But I'm OK with trying!

The little roller bottle consists of frankincense, lemon and tea tree for immune support, respiratory support and cleansing.

I'm 100 percent NOT an oil expert so I know there are much better brands out there. I just don't want to spend a fortune on them! I did find a pack of eight oils on Amazon that I think would help us through for only $17.

4) Tess and I made a stop at The Loft yesterday before picking Reece up from school. They were having a HUGE sale - 40 percent off everything in the store and an additional 60 percent off clearance items. I made my way around the store and found some cute things, but wanted to point out this Plaid Tab Sleeve Peplum Blouse to you all. It would be cute on so many body types! It's a little baggy, which its meant to be so I would order true to size. It's $54.50 but 40 percent off!

5) And last but not least, I saw this quote on Facebook the other day and made sure to snap a picture of it. Sloane has been having a little harder time in kindergarten - she takes a little longer to process some things, which is fine! We just want to make sure we are able to help her however we can. But I saw this quote and it made me think of her. And Matt and I. And how we kind of look at each other and wonder what have we done to our kids! In the end... I'm just thrilled that they are kind. :)

Everyone have a great weekend! We are hoping the weather allows us to get to KC to meet our nephew/cousin!


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