Thursday, January 12, 2017


Happy Thursday friends! Decided to go with some Pinterest action today for your Thursday dose of Tess and Elm. And as always, if you want to find all of these pins and past pins, look no further than right here!

 I got a pressure cooker for Christmas which means I have been pressure cooking and slow cooking like crazy lately! I needed to have a meal for our weekly Stacey/Clark dinner and I found this SUPER easy roast recipe and then made mashed potatoes in my pressure cooker (that took six minutes to make) and BOOM! Easy and delicious meal!

I love looking for simple ways to make an outfit just a smidge cuter. And I was browsing Pinterest for specific ideas on how to wear my new Buffalo Check Shirt Jacket from JCrew Factory, I came across this adorable outfit. The jeans I have, the shirt I have, I have many plaid scarves. Now to invest in a camel blazer and I'm good to go!

As Matt and I are house-hunting in Chicago, we are coming to the realization that we might have to make some (major) updates to our future house. Because it seems that everything in our price range was built in the 1960s. And the insides look like it came straight from the 1960s.

So now I'm hunting for inexpensive ways to update rooms.

And then I found a ship-lapped bathroom wall. Damn you, Fixer Upper! I love this! 

Speaking of Pressure Cooker (also known as an Instant Pot if you were really confused like I was), here are a good chunk of recipes to help you into your pressure cooker glory days!

We took my dad to our very favorite Italian restaurant in Bentonville for his birthday (Tavola for you locals) and we ordered the Farm Board as an appetizer (otherwise known as a cheese tray).

HOLY COW! It was awesome -- it wasn't huge like this one, but it was the perfect size for five adults. And inspired me to try this on my own. When we have people over. Which is never.

So maybe just for Matt and I... but a great idea for an "adult party"!

Yay for Pinterest and Yay for Thursdays! Finish the week strong, friends!


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