Thursday, January 19, 2017

Etsy Finds of the Week

Happy Thursday friends! We are counting down the days until the weekend at the Clark household so we can FINALLY go meet our sweet nephew/cousin Anderson in Kansas City! We were suppose to go last weekend, but then the ice storm of the century was to happen in Kansas City so we cancelled (and then the ice storm of the century was a semi-bust because OF COURSE it would be). But we are ready for the weekend for sure!


One day, far far away, when we are in our forever home, I have a goal to get framed prints up on an office wall of all the places we have lived. 

I have a great picture that I took of the Keeper of the Plains in Wichita. I have an awesome print of all the neighborhoods in Minneapolis. Now, I just need this. 

This store has good style and you can get all sorts of things from pillows to prints to coffee mugs... 

Check it out! 

Planner Inserts
By: To Insanity and Back

We all know my love for a good planner! Last year, I had the Happy Planner and LOVED it -- it's only $20 for gloriousness! This year I am testing out the Erin Condren. We are 19 days in and I kind of miss my Happy Planner (how RIDICULOUS does that sound)!

Anywho, my mom bought the Happy Planner this year and bought some inserts from an Etsy seller specifically for her planner. She had a meal planning insert, a budget insert, etc. So cool! So did some searching and found a few for my planner which is what I'm showing you. An insert for meal planning is SO great!!

This particular seller has so many options of inserts for your planner -- things you didn't even realize you needed! :) 

Toddler Fox Ear Warmer
By: The Endless Stitch

Welp. You got me at fox. 

Sloane had a hat VERY similar to this and it was THE cutest thing ever. It was also funny because she got it when that ridiculous "What's A Fox Say?" YouTube video came out. 

So my Tess has to have this! 

There are some other cute things in the store, but this is my favorite! 

See you tomorrow for some great Friday Favorites! 


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