Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! If this was your first week back to work or back to school or sending kids back to school since the holidays, CONGRATS! You made it! It was touch-and-go for us, but I'm happy to report I DID set my alarm clock every day that it needed to be set this week!

Good chance I will be putting a reminder in my phone to remind me to set the alarm. But I have a reminder in my phone to 'Drink Water' at 7:15 am. So... I think the alarm reminder isn't as brutal.

Anywho... Friday Favorites! Here we go!

We all know that I have a deep and profound love for JCrew Factory. The style of clothing is simple and classic and the quality is good and the prices are fantastic. All which make me very happy! When I get to go to the actual store, I walk in, take a big sigh of relief that I made it in and then go a little big-eyed because I'm like a kid in a candy shop.

Which way should I go, which way should I go?!

I bought two items during their Black Friday sale and when I received them, though I loved them, I decided to return them because a) it was almost Christmas and I didn't need to be spending money on myself and 2) I was in love with the styles but one of the sweaters would have required a shirt underneath or it would have itched me to death. 

I sent them back around Dec. 12 using the handy return label they send and never heard back from them, never heard back from them. I called on Dec. 23 to inquire about the items, and they hadn't received them yet but said to call back after Christmas.

I called back January 3 and they still hadn't received them. But REFUNDED ME ANYWAY!

People - THAT is customer service. I'm not a liar and definitely sent them back, but JCrew Factory doesn't know that, but took my word for it.

So they are #1 on my Friday Favorites because they are awesome. And I need to share awesome with you!

Also -- I just bought these two items last week, arriving Saturday. They are final sale items, but were 40% off the already reduced price. EEK (please disregard my black and white color addiction that I'm having right now)!

Speaking of JCrew Factory and their great sales...

Through January 8, all clearance items are an additional 50 percent off (you can see how I now wish I would have waited for my stuff to go on sale even MORE!)!

Here are a few of the many pieces I love:

Currently own this in a small. LOVE it!

Love these skirts - they come in many different colors!  
Tried these on in store -- can't beat them (for less than $7)!
This coat is less than $80!!
These tissue turtlenecks are the comfiest things in my closet - besides my Two Dots' High Waisted Fleece Leggings!
Buffalo check AND pom poms!
Coat with an amazing collar (does it remind you of anyone? See below).
OK - so you get the picture! I could go on with at least 30 more items, but I'll let you check it out yourself! Reminder: sales ends January 8!

I am in no way condoning swimsuit purchasing in January. I mean, I hate swimsuit shopping anyway.

But thanks to Facebook and their ability to show me everyone I love and need to buy, this swimsuit popped up from Target!

I didn't know until last year that if you go on Target's website and go to the swimsuit section, their selection is HUGE! And REALLY really cute! It's not just what you see in the store.

I could never wear the suit above for a few reasons. But I have plenty of people I know that could! It's adorable and has a great shape! Also comes with a strap (thank goodness).

$40, people!

The pressure cooker was the gift of choice by my parents to their three beloved children this year. I had heard rave reviews from people and when I heard that you can have dinner done in minutes, it seemed to good to be true!

I tested mine out last night with something simple: mac-n-cheese. The ingredients were things I magically already had on hand and my kids love mac-n-cheese.

Seven minutes. Seven minutes and dinner was ready! It was amazing! And not too bad, taste-wise. Sloane loved it. Tess loved it. And Reece wouldn't touch it because it didn't look like what comes from the box. 

Excited to try out some more recipes! Any of you have some favorites?!

If you live in or around the Wichita, Kan., area. Stop what you are doing. And drive to this nearest popcorn shop.

My mother-in-law grabbed a few bags for us over Christmas and I'm pretty sure I at the smaller bag by myself (to make myself feel better, I gave a few kernels to Matt and Reece while Sloane was sleeping in the car).

This flavor - Tuxedo Gourmet - is what I devoured. And it was AMAZING. Caramel popcorn drizzled with dark and white chocolates. Holy cow.

They have different sizes of bags or you can buy in a tin. And they handily have a store in Andover on the west side on Tyler Road.

But seriously. Stop what you're doing and go get some ASAP!

Happy Friday friends! Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you next week with what I'm sure will be more thrilling adventures from my household!


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