Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Welcome to a New Year

Hello friends and family!

And welcome to my first post of 2017. I'm thrilled that I haven't had to sign a check because God knows I will write 2016 on it until May (speaking of, I need to write a check for Reece's preschool tuition - here we go)!

First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and happy New year. As you know, we spent eight days of our Christmas break traveling from Bentonville to southeast Kansas to Wichita to Kansas City and two stops in Illinois before heading back to Arkansas.

To say it was a lot isn't saying enough. Because it was A LOT of traveling. Besides getting to see family in Illinois, our goal was to drive around some neighborhoods in the western suburbs of Chicago to get a feel for what we liked and where we'd like to be when we move this summer.

Well after being in the car for seven hours, then stopping, then back in the car for another hour and a half, the idea of driving around doesn't seem like so much fun.

But we did it. For about an hour and a half total. Definitely not enough time to get a "feel" for anything, but we found some nice areas and are excited to go back and venture around some more and spend a little longer time. This time we will travel via plane so the driving around part won't be so bad!

We did have a wonderful break and were able to see all sides of our families, which is a must for me during Christmas. We have traveled every year on Christmas since we have been married and I will tell you this. We have already made a note that when we make our final move (hopefully to Kansas City in a few years, crossing fingers), we will be having Christmas morning in our own home. Everyone can come to our house and that will be fantastic, but we aren't leaving it!

During our eight-hour trek back to Arkansas on December 30, Matt and I discussed what our New Years Resolutions would be. I didn't hem-haw around what mine was. It's pretty straight-forward.

I'm going to work on being a better person.

I feel like I spent much of 2016 as an unhappy person - not on the exterior. But I feel like I had so many mean thoughts scrolling through my head and sometimes I would be so mad, I felt like my blood pressure was going soar through the roof.

I have to be able to find some peace in parts of my life that became totally discombobulated in 2016. It's going to be really hard, but it has to happen. I need to be able to woo-sah and let some things go or I'll spend 2017 totally wound up.

And I don't have time for it!

I don't have time to not be focusing on the things that are really important in my life and right in front of my eyes.

My kids and my husband need a mom and wife that isn't stressed and taking that stress out on them. I can have stresses in my life, but I just need to find a way to deal with them better than I did this past year.

So... it's going to be a tough one. I feel like I'm three days in and doing great! Talk to me in two months and I hope I can say the same thing!

What are YOUR New Years resolutions?!

HAPPY 2017!


PS. I survived two weeks of Christmas break with my kids and we are all still surviving! YES!

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